CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – August 15, 2012

In attendance: Danny Ritter, Forrest Parker, Braden Elliott, Sydney Householder, Wren Keturi, Michelle Marie, Michelle Zellers, Bret Seferian, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 4:10 PM

Minutes from 8-1-2012 meeting – didn’t get to this

Campaign Update

Bargaining Update – Need to schedule ratification vote.

CGEU in Review – Danny and Wren say it was really interesting to see how we compare with other locals. MZ thought it was really awesome and she learned a lot of things from people with different perspectives.

ASOSU Follow-Up

Feexpert – Even if we don’t have someone on the SIFC, it could be a good idea to have a CGE-er sit in on (some of) the meetings to become an expert on what’s happening and be able to talk to the SIFC about fees with a higher level of knowledge. There are also minutes (read: transcriptions) posted online.

Website – Wren and Angela pestered Rob a little. He should be able to get it up and running in a couple days.

Budget! – Forrest has a brand-new-and-improved budget amended from the last EC meeting plus the budget committee meeting. Michelle and Sydney vote to approve it immediately but Forrest would like to talk about it a little more. After a little bit of conversation: Budget Approved!

Bulk Mailing – Approved!

Organizer Training – We have it (tentatively) scheduled for August 29th; might have to move it to the 28th or 30th if we want to use Westmin. (Bret will ask Rae if one of those days will work.) Eben would like to meet and plan next week.

Brew Crew – Sydney has looked into about getting “brew crew” printed on the back of our shirts; would probably be around $5 each if there are at least 12. We do have a couple brewers lined up for the Welcome BBQ. Wren will put something together to post on bulletin boards.

CLC Meeting – Sydney went to the August 1st meeting and actually enjoyed it. There were about 10 people there.

Brew-Off – (1) Planned for November 2. Sydney will ask Oddfellows Hall if they’re available and willing to host us again. (2) Angela will start a conversation with the liability insurance company to make sure they’re able to cover us again. (3) Bands: we have some ideas! We’ll invite one of the bands from last year, and Braden will ask a group he knows. (4) Pint glasses: we’re starting to think about designs!

Strategic Plan – We’ve done some of the things. We have other things still to do.


1. We’ve now scheduled the Westmin Fun Night.

2. Member benefits: Danny is now a passionate advocate for AFT National’s member benefits. We haven’t gotten around to local member benefits yet.

3. Caucuses: Braden has a couple contacts to talk to about these.

4. Meeting/social planning: We’re getting some things scheduled!


Office Security Stuff

AFT-OR EC Replacement

Direct Deposit – OSU has asked if we’d like to get the dues/deductions payments via direct deposit instead of paper checks. We’re okay with this and Angela will send in the form.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM


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