Quite a bit has happened the last few weeks that needs an update here.

First off, on February 23rd we officially met with OSU to set up ground rules for negotiations. The meeting went well, and with help from a facilitator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) we are trying to abide by the principles of interest-based bargaining. We also attempted to address some concerns with observers that came up during the 2010 negotiations. The rules remain that observers area allowed at the meetings but cannot disturb the process or directly participate in the negotiation at the table. OSU has agreed, however, that we can host as many sessions as possible at Westminster House, where we have a larger capacity for observers, and if OSU hosts a session they will let us know in advance the seating capacity of the room.

Since this meeting, your bargaining team has also finalized what articles of the contract we will open, and set out a general platform that encompasses the principles we are fighting for in bargaining. It is attached with this post, and will also be sent out to the membership via email.

Our first bargaining session is now scheduled for Tuesday March 13 from 3-5 pm in Westminster House (on the corner of 23rd and Monroe). I strongly encourage everyone to come and observe these meetings when they have a chance. Although only bargaining team members can participate in negotiations, your presence helps keep the University’s team honest and sends a clear message to the administration that grad employees care.

CGE 2012 Bargaining Platform

One Thought on “First Bargaining Session, CGE’s Platform, and Ground Rules”

  • I think this platform is superbly done. Looking forward to seeing you all at the bargaining table!

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