Session 0: Ground Rules are Set!

We met on Thursday, March 6 with the University’s bargaining team to establish the ground rules that will govern table negotiations. We agreed to abide by the principles of Interest Based Bargaining (IBB), a process we’ve used in bargaining for the last few years.  We mostly adopted the same ground rules we’ve used for the last few rounds of bargaining, a complete list of which can be found here.

Most significantly, we’ve set dates for the first few bargaining sessions.  We’ll be meeting to bargain:

 Thursday, March 13th 12-2pm
Thursday, March 20th, 1-3pm
Thursday, March 27th, 12-2pm

Since this is a reopener, OSU and CGE are contractually entitled to open 4 articles each, in addition to any opened “by consultation”.  If you’re not sure what that means, it’s a great chance for you to drag out the contract for a thorough perusal (wink wink).  During the first session—this Thursday—both teams will lay out the issues/articles they intend to negotiate.  Be  there to support the bargaining team and see what potential changes are coming to your contract!

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