In attendance: Stephanie Parreira, Vance Almquist, Thomas Morrill, Clint Mattox; incoming officers Erin Abernethy and Lee Windom; Ashley Bromley.

Meeting called to order at 5:12 PM.

Minutes from 6-14-2016 – Approved.

Email Decisions – (1) Approved All Member Email re: Bargaining.

Strategic Retreat Debrief — We feel like the retreat went well overall, although we were behind schedule pretty much all weekend. This means that the actual calendaring was punted to being done after the retreat. Mostly this was OK, but it is nice for everyone to get to see the full calendar and check it for feasibility. Will we still want everyone at the Strategic Retreat when we have a Steward Retreat? How did we feel about so many people coming and going? Most feel that it is worth the expense to build the connection between people by going away together. Thomas and Chris will meet Thursday morning to catch up on bookkeeping work, including that involved with the strategic retreat. Ashley will do some work on the bills and stuff too.

Bargaining Update — We met yesterday. Both teams exchanged language. We feel close on some issues, but they really stonewalled on health insurance premiums—a major priority for us.  There was also some confusion about how strongly we’d be getting rid of the TA/RA distinction. While we understood we had agreed to remove the requirement for the distinction at the time of the appointment, OSU wants to remove it all together. We’re trying to figure out what the implications of this would be, including on the definition of our bargaining unit. We’re meeting as a team on Wednesday, and we have the next bargaining session Thursday 2:15-4:00.

Hiring Process Update — The Hiring Committee met Friday to discuss which candidates to advance to the interview stage. They selected seven candidates to advance. Subsequently, they received two more applications that met the minimum qualifications. They’ve also advanced these two candidates to the interview stage. All candidates have been contacted, and interviews are being set for Friday, June 24 and Tuesday, June 28. The Executive Council approves reimbursing child care costs for parents on the hiring committee to make it possible to have everyone fully participate in the process.

AFT Funds for Democratic National Convention — One of our members is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. AFT is reimbursing members for travel to the DNC, so we’ll reach out to our member who is a delegate. Thomas will follow up to get the person’s name.

AFT-Oregon Percaps — The AFT-Oregon Treasurer is working on getting a percap amendment drafted. This is a year later than expected but good news.  They are looking for local treasurers for the committee now that they have a good understanding of information from the locals. They want to meet with treasurers and work on buy-in for a new plan.

Oregon AFL-CIO Info Request — The Oregon AFL-CIO would like us to consent to releasing information about our members for help in organizing campaigns. The EC doesn’t feel like it’s either helpful or appropriate to release the information. Ashley will contact OR AFL-CIO and let them know that we’d like to suppress our information.

Housing & Dining Grad Info — We received information from folks in University Housing & Dining with grad specific housing and meal options. The EC isn’t comfortable with sending this info out from CGE, but we will direct the person to our housing board and Facebook pages.

Translation Needs — The EC filled out the form for our translations needs together!

Meeting adjourned at 6:36 PM

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