In attendance: Stephanie Parreira, Zhian Kamvar, Clint Mattox, Kris Osterloh, Vance Almquist, Thomas Morrill; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:06 PM

Minutes from 4-12-2016 – Approved.

Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member email about GMM, elections, etc. (2) Approved letter to UNB Board of Governors.

Bargaining Update – At yesterday’s session, we continued the discussion on notice of appointment, notice of assignment, and length of appointment. For the most part, the OSU Admin team is in agreement with us. We’d like length of appointment to be more normalized so that people who are employed within an academic year should expect their appointment to last that entire year; the Admin team likes this idea as it would reduce some paperwork. Clint thinks the hard part will be incentivizing the administrators to comply with the notice deadlines. CGE proposed financial “hardship fees” for late notice of appointment (within 30 days of start) or assignment (within 15 days of start). There was some pushback on this that we think was partly due to confusion on the difference between appointment (will you have a job at all?) and assignment (what specific work will you be doing?). Our next session will be Monday the 25th.

Sick Leave Timesheets Update – We’ve been in touch with Donna Chastain from HR, who’s working with Ashley and Thomas to finalize an email that we can send out to clarify the various college-level emails.

Letter to UNB Board – Stephanie drafted a letter, which we’ve looked through, printed, and signed. Just need Chris M to sign it and we can send it off! The EC also agrees we should find out more info about how the grads at UNB are requesting action online and share it on our fb group and social list.

GMM – This Thursday! Food at 5:30, business at 6.

  • Agenda: Welcome, officer nominations, speeches, & voting, Tori Byington from Grad School, bargaining update & input, steward nominations, Convention update.
  • Materials: Ashley printed a sample EC ballot and a sample bargaining input worksheet. We like!
  • Food: Ashley has a shopping list started with a place for Vance to fill in sauce ingredients. Kris and Vance will shop tomorrow. Kris will pick up some beer & cider that Ashley will reserve. Vance and Kris will be cooking all day Thursday. Zhian and Clint will help some if they can.
  • Check-in procedure: In the interest of timeliness, we’ll first check for people’s CGE stickers and if they don’t have one, we’ll check for them in Knack. Clint will run check-in.
  • Turnout: Officers will continue inviting friends to the FB event. We’re also planning to send an all-member email tomorrow. Kris will send the email tomorrow. Ashley will send individual reminders to non-RSVPers on Thursday.

Officer Elections – We have people who have accepted nominations for all positions except VP for Organizing and VP for Communications. We’re still waiting to hear back from several nominees about whether they accept.

Steward Elections – Nominations opened today. Ashley has sent out emails to all members about how to nominate stewards. Officers are reminded that they can nominate from any department and they’re totally going to do that right after they invite all their friends to the GMM.

PSU Home Visits – We’ve invited the people who had been interested in the post-Convention visits. We have two affirmatives so far. Jan would like RSVPs by Thursday morning, so we’ll try to get a couple more ASAP. Zhian and Vance are maybes.

Strategic Retreat – We need to start planning this! We’ll want to get the date finalized pretty much immediately after new officers are elected. Based on the weekends we typically use, we’re looking at June 18th or June 25th.

All-Member Email – Is there anything else we want to add to the GMM reminder? Nope. So Kris will draft it and that’s that.

Executive Session

Miscellaneous Updates – (1) The member who received department salary data made use of it to negotiate for a better salary rate. (2) Mizzou grads voted YES to a union (85% of voters) – although the university is already contesting it. (3) CGE received a thoughtful condolence card from the GTFF about the loss of one our members last month.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 PM


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