In attendance: Stephanie Parreira, Vance Almquist, Thomas Morrill, Kris Osterloh, Zhian Kamvar, Clint Mattox; incoming officers Erin Abernathy and Dixie Daniels; Ashley Bromley.

Meeting called to order at 5:03 PM.

Minutes from 6-7-2016 — Approved.

Email Decisions — (1) Approved All-Member Email re:BBQ; (2) Approved All Member Email re: BBQ (Zhian’s, in person).

Strategic Retreat — We have an agenda set that is very similar to last year (which we think worked well). Ashley will reach out to each of the officers to fill in gaps about their agenda items. Vance will do the shopping for the retreat. Dixie and Stephanie will help if needed. Ashley will reserve the jockeybox, and Kris will pick it up. Vance ask Gloria about house parenting for us. Ashley will send out details tomorrow.

Bargaining — We have summer bargaining sessions on 6/20 (2:15-4:00 pm), 6/23 (2:15-4:00 pm), 6/30 (2:15-4:00 pm), and 7/1 (8:30 am-10:00 am). We should do targeted asks to turn folks out to bargaining. We’ll work on All-Member and steward emails to announce summer bargaining dates (Thomas). We’ll encourage folks to send someone in their place if they can’t make it.

Budget Committee — Therese Jones, Sarah Erickson, Beatrice Moissinac, and Stephanie Parreira have volunteered. Ashley will work to get them and Chris together to get the process moving. We need a budget by July 1.

Hiring Process Update — The Hiring Committee met today to refine hiring criteria and receive application materials for review. The committee plans to meet again Friday to select the pool of candidates for interview and then schedule first round phone interviews next week.

Dues Deduction Grievance Update — We were contacted by Human Resources and asked to extend the grievance deadline until June 22. Viki Dimick Jackson suggested that OSU was prepared to reimburse CGE for the cost of the reimbursement of back-charged dues. However, they needed a little extra time to get the payment processed. Thomas and Ashley agreed to the extension via email.

BBQ Debrief — Overall, we felt good about the BBQ, especially considering the questionable weather. We had leftover beer, cider, and hot dog buns, all of which we’ll take to the Strategic Retreat. Erin also froze a bunch of fruit salad and bean salad. We could have made less of the sides or served them at the beginning of the line to encourage people to eat more of them and less of the protein units. Reserving food for those observing Ramadan worked, but we should have brought over utensils for the sides to do a better job serving. Some of the bands suggested that a second serving of food is a good idea in general, so that people will stick around through the end of the BBQ. Vance will email Allison and let her know that she was named Steward of the Year!

VP Organizing — Brittany is excited to come back into the position when she returns from her internship. She will resign from the position so that the EC can appoint Vance into the position. When Brittany returns, Vance will resign, and the EC can appoint Brittany back into the position.

CGEU — Meghann Fenn is our chosen representative for the CGEU conference in August. Ashley will work with her to book flights and connect with a homestay.

Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM.

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