CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2013

In attendance: Forrest Parker, Danny Ritter, Wren Keturi, Eric Coker, Braden Elliott, Sydney Householder; Angela McClendon, Sarah Burke, Eben Pullman, Ashley Bromley Meeting called to order at 2:00 PM

Minutes from 1-17-12 meeting – People left before they were approved

Email Decisions – After many interviews and discussion of the final candidates, the hiring committee recommended a candidate for the Staff Organizer position and the EC approved: Ashley Bromley will be working for CGE!

Campaign Update New Organizer Stuff – Ashley and Sarah will be working for AFT-OR through mid-March, to finish up the campaign. Then Ashley will transition to the CGE job. There’s discussion of using a portion of the funds budgeted for organizer salary for February, which now will not be used, in order to employ a couple of grads to work on office visits/emails/phone calls for several hours a week. The project organizers will put together some recommendations for the EC. The EC approves of using funds for this.

GMM – This is next Wednesday the 30th, at 5:30 PM at the Senior Center. Agenda items: delegate nominations/speeches/elections, convention resolutions, GOTV/campaign, committee updates, trivia night, member benefits, hiring update, caucuses. Food: as discussed last week, a few soups along with bread/salad/drinks.

Alta Gracia – This coming Monday the 28th, in MU 212 (“MLK room”) at 5 PM, there will be a showing of a film about clothing workers. Eric will fbook it.

Winter School – It’s this weekend! We’ll be sending 6 people.

ASOSU – Danny will be talking with Jeri to resolve it.

Higher Ed Conference – This is Friday, March 8th through Sunday, March 10th in San Diego. Wren will send out an all-member email today to call for application statements. Braden, Wren, Eric, and Forrest will be on the selection committee to review them (on Monday?).

Steward Council Recap – SO excited that about 40-45 people were there. Braden and Wren feel like the venue change went really well and would like to hold it at Westmin again for the Feb 21 meeting. We’ll need to figure out how to have coffee without making a mess.

“Solidarity Forever” Singing – A couple of the reps have mentioned displeasure about CGE’s common singing of the song at meetings. There’s been a lot of discussion. [Executive Session] Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM

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