In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Lizz Hardardt, Shannon Andrews, Sneha Gantla, Araby Belcher; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:10 AM


Minutes from 4-10-2014 Meeting – Approved


Email Decisions – (1) Approved $50 for Queer Caucus first meeting next week. (2) Approved all-member email announcing Queer Caucus. (3) Decided to send OSU Divestment opportunity over Steward list.


GTFF GMM Debrief – Araby and Béatrice went to this last Friday and kidnapped the GTFF’s pony (being held for the ransom of our gnome).


Game Night Debrief – Shannon says it was a small turnout but it was fun. We should consider moving it to a smaller location (ie, a place that doesn’t cost as much as the Senior Center room) – maybe a big table at a bar or at the downtown game store.


AGEL / AFT Higher Ed Debrief – Lizz says it was pretty cool. Alisha couldn’t be at the meeting today but she wrote a brief review. Lizz’s favorite session was about state legislation. Ashley went to a session about using social media and was encouraged to tweet more. (Topic for the Strategic Retreat: should we keep using our FB Group or switch to using/add a FB Page?). Something else that came up was text-message alerts for GMMs and BBQs; this would be opt-in only . There was a really good session about student debt and reducing the burden of college tuition.


GMM – This is next Thursday, April 24. Shannon is really busy that day and needs help with food. She can prep meat early in the day; Sneha, Araby, and Ashley can help with other ingredients at 2:30. The FB event has already been created and we’ll plan to email the Steward list (maybe today).


Great Cover-Up – The GTFF had so many bands that they’re going to have two nights! Friday and Saturday, May 9 and 10.


GTFF May Day Rally for Bargaining – This is happening on May 1. Araby and Ashley both plan to go.


Other May Day Event – Sneha is a leader of OSU’s Women In Policy group and they’re working on a May Day event about gender pay gap. She’ll get us more info when they have it set.


PacificSource Meeting – Ashley attended the meeting between OSU and PacificSource on Tuesday. (She learned that they meet every quarter and this was the first time a person from CGE was invited. We would like to be included more!) The CGE people on HIAC have asked for data about costs related to several improved coverage options and should have those numbers soon. It looks like the process is moving much too quickly for CGE to have time to have membership conversations about making changes for the upcoming academic year, but we could work on it for the next year. (Topic for Fall GMM?: Have a health insurance professional speak about the impacts of ACA.) One change that seems probable to happen (and probable to affect some of our members) is losing coverage for “chiropractic massage” because of, basically, semantics. Ashley also learned that all the OSU and PacificSource people have strong negative feelings about the way GTFF runs their own health insurance. We’d like to invite CGE’s HIAC contingent to talk with us at an upcoming EC meeting when they have more pricing info.


Steward Council Elections – Ashley is going to send a reminder about nominating people.


Candidate Interviews – This is Saturday morning, April 26. CGE doesn’t endorse candidates but we’ll encourage members to attend and ask questions. Sneha will also invite the Women In Policy group.


OSU HR Hiring Committee – Jeri Hemmer is retiring after this year and OSU is beginning the process of hiring her replacement. David Blake emailed Lizz and Ashley to see who from CGE would like to read resumes and provide input. Ashley will let him know we’d like Thomas and Lizz to participate.


All-Member Email – Ashley will write the blurb about the candidate interviews. Shannon will write about ExplOregon. Sneha will write about the Solidarity Fair. Mindy will write about the GMM.


Earth Week – Sneha has more details! The mural chalking in the MU Quad will begin at 6:30 AM next Monday, April 21. There will be a tabling opportunity at noon; Ashley can be there. Sneha would love to get input about what kinds of environment/labor intersection ideas we’d like to see in the chalk.


Jock Mills – Sneha has been trying to set up a meeting. We’ll try for next Monday at 4 PM; Sneha and Ashley can be there.


CGE Health Insurance Follow-Up – Ashley is going to ask George Voss, wouldn’t it be super easy to add CGE’s two employees to the big OSU grad assistant health plan?


Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM


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