In attendance: Chris Mihiar, Clint Mattox, Zhian Kamvar, Stephanie Parreira, Thomas Morrill, Vance Almquist, Kris Osterloh; Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 5:37 PM

Minutes from 2-2-2016 – Approved with Thomas’s amendment clarifying parts of the BoT debrief.

Email Decision – Approved the all-member email about bargaining.

AFT-OR Convention Update – The 2016 Convention will now be held at the Portland Hilton, as long as we don’t get charged the cancellation fee from the Lincoln City casino. (There was a verbal agreement about no cancellation fee but AFT-OR is finalizing this.) There are two speakers lined up now: Oregon Governor Kate Brown and AFT President Randi Weingarten.

Trivia Night – This Thursday, February 11.

  • Questions: Kris is *totally* going to write the questions tonight.
  • Setup: Kris will bring the leftover GMM beer & cider; he has his own taps for the kegs and will get ice. Stephanie & Zhian will meet at CGE at 6:15 to get popcorn stuff and set it up.
  • Turnout: Chris already made a fb event. Stephanie emailed Social List last week. Kris will email the Social List tonight and Thursday.

Steward Council Meeting – Next Tuesday, February 16.

  • Food and shopping plan: We’re doing Yumm Bowls/Wraps. Vance will put together the shopping list for the other things we need and go shopping. Vance, Kris, and helpers will cook.
  • Turnout: Vance emailed the Steward list last week with a Google form for RSVPs. He’ll send a reminder tonight on the list. Vance will send targeted reminders on Monday to Stewards who haven’t filled out the form yet.
  • Outstanding agenda to-dos: Vance will communicate again with Béatrice regarding title use. Zhian will make the suggested amendments to the Social List Code of Conduct. The Convention Committee will finalize their resolution drafts (Clint can do his by Sunday; Kris & Stephanie can do theirs by Friday) and email the drafts to the Steward List on Monday to pre-read before the meeting.

Bargaining Debrief – At our most recent two sessions, last Friday and yesterday, we talked a lot about health care. OSU is pretty well in agreement with CGE on having automatic annual re-enrollment for insurance. CGE’s B-Team was tasked with writing the initial language. There was a lot of discussion about summer insurance coverage, with less agreement between the teams. Steve Nash from Payroll was pretty pessimistic about the logistics of deductions for summer insurance. Thomas is frustrated about the admin team’s approach to the parking permits language. They’re saying that since the 2014 contract language doesn’t really fit the permit system, we should just delete it, instead of fixing the language to make it work. Clint suggests we wouldn’t want to accept deletion of the permit priority until we can add payroll deductions for permits. Our next sessions will be Friday, February 19, and Monday, February 22.

Steelworkers Solidarity Update – Clint heard from the GTFF that they will be carpooling to the ATI building in Albany to support the picket line THIS Friday, the 12th. Clint will email the Social List and will create an event & post on the fb group. Kris and Vance will plan to go.

Steward Appointments – The EC appoints Erin Abernethy as the Steward for Integrative Biology. The EC appoints Miram Gleiber as the Steward for Hatfield Marine Science Center. We will ask the SC to confirm these appointments at the meeting next Tuesday. Vance will email Erin to invite her to attend the meeting.

GMM Turnout – Kris contacted the GTFF about how they get better turnout to their GMMs. They said they usually do the same things as us, but they also put up posters promoting the meeting, the free food & drink, and one of the main topics of conversation. They also set up carpools and bike pools. The EC generally likes this idea, especially for the Fall and Winter GMMs when it gets dark so early, but we have some concerns about logistics and liability related to carpooling. We’ll revisit this for the next GMM.

AFT-OR Meeting – Tomorrow morning at 10 AM, Kris and Vance will be meeting in the CGE office with AFT-OR staff members Julia and Maria (organizer and political action organizer, respectively). Other officers are also invited, of course.

ASOSU Update – There’s a petition to create an ASOSU ballot measure related to OSU Divest. The ASOSU President emailed students about ASOSU and OSU having a “conversation” about fees this morning, tomorrow, and next Monday evening. Clint learned a lot of statistics about how much students pay toward sports tickets. There was a proposal in the House to purchase more vans for SafeRide – it was not yet approved. (Stephanie would like to know more about this; Clint recommends we read a few recent stories in the Barometer.)

Meeting adjourned at 6:32 PM

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