CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – August 1, 2012

In attendance: Forrest Parker, Wren Keturi, Braden Elliott, Sydney Householder, Danny Ritter, Michelle Marie, Eben Pullman, Michelle Zellers, Angela McClendon, Katie Stofer

Meeting called to order at 4:05 PM

Minutes from 6-20-2012, 7-4-2012, 7-11-2012, 7-25-2012 meetings – Approved!

Campaign Update

Bargaining Update

AFT National Convention – This last weekend, and Katie went! She went in support of the young labor leaders resolution that we came out of state convention. It was discussed in committee and then passed; there will be a pilot program implemented to see how it goes. The committees did not sit very long and had a lot of resolutions to work on, so it was mostly just pushing things through. She thinks it could be worth going again in the future to see how much impact we could have if we actively supported resolutions. She did meet a few people who can be contacts in potential ally unions, and there were some interesting sessions.

Budget – Needs to be approved! Need to update some stuff first… Forrest will take the EC recommendations to the finance committee. Also: bulk mailing! Forrest looked into it and found options that would be less expensive than using regular stamps. Next meeting we’ll sign off on the forms.

Brew-Off – Let’s schedule it! We’ll try for Friday, November 2nd. Brew Crew: Sydney will look into shirt costs.

CGEU – The group is leaving tomorrow! They’ll have a meeting after this one to talk about logistics.

Westm and Newman Center – We’ll go with a card and a pretty plant for Newman, and a paper supplies gift basket for Westmin.

Strategic Plan – Wren has printed it out and put it on really really bright paper. At the next meeting (August 15th) we’ll look at our successes.

[Executive Session]

Online Tax Payment – Approved!

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM

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