In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Chris Mihiar, Clint Mattox, Kris Osterloh, Stephanie Parreira, Zhian Kamvar, Vance Almquist; Angela McClendon (late!)

Meeting called to order at 5:30 PM

Minutes from 11-23-2015 – Approved.

Online Tax Payment – Approved.

Email Decisions – Approved email to Stewards list about OSU Board of Trustees meetings.

Social Hour – Stephanie and Thomas will anchor our upcoming Social Hour at 5 PM on Saturday the 5th. Stephanie will email the Social List and Thomas will post about it on the fb group.

Social List – Kris emailed the person whose Social List post had been held for moderation (because it came from an unsubscribed address) and which the EC decided not to allow through. Kris explained the mechanics of why it was held and the reasoning behind not approving it. The poster replied briefly to Kris to say thanks for the explanation.

Social List Code of Conduct – Zhian will have a draft of this ready for next week’s EC meeting.

EC/SC Members Using CGE Titles – Kris as an individual supported an ASOSU bill that Sami is supporting. Sami added him on the list of additional sponsors including the title “CGE President.” The EC agrees that officers have the responsibility to be very thoughtful in using their discretion about when to include their CGE titles for individual endorsements. Kris will email the Stewards list about this discussion.

Grad School Intro Meeting – Kris has emailed the grad school leadership about having an intro meeting lunch (Dean Brenda McComb, Assistant Deans Tori Byington and Jennifer Dennis, Executive Assistant Kim Calder). He’s waiting to hear back about scheduling.

Health Insurance Info Event – Clint has requested a date in January with Rachel from SHS and Solange from PacificSource. He said we prefer a Tues/Thurs but it’s not possible for them; he said Mondays were okay but Wednesdays were worst. They requested Wednesday, January 20, at 5:30. We won’t be able to use the McLean Room at Westmin. Clint will ask Rachel if she can book a room on campus.

Winter School – It’s time to start thinking about AFT-Oregon Winter School! It’s January 22-24 in Lincoln City (not at the usual Newport hotel) at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort (where 2016 AFT-OR Convention will be). The registration deadline is January 15 and the hotel deadline is December 22. We’ll make a decision by next week’s EC meeting about how many people we want to send, and then we’ll get the word out!

OSU Board of Trustees Meetings – Meetings are 12/4 (9 AM), 12/8 (10:30 AM), and 12/15 (3:30 PM). Clint emailed the Stewards list on Saturday with some info about what will be discussed at each meeting. The officers will email their portions of the Steward list individually.

Oregon AFL-CIO Friedrichs Summit – Happening this Thursday the 3rd. Kris is registered and has it on his calendar!

Bargaining Update

  1. New team members: Dixie Daniels (Forestry) and Melanie Nichol (Anthropology) have joined the team!
  2. Ground rules meeting: The CGE B-Team and OSU admin team will meet next Wednesday the 9th, at 10 AM. They’ll agree to the ground rules and try to roughly plan out the schedule.
  3. IBB training: We’ve had a very hard time matching up the two teams’ schedules to hold our interest-based bargaining training. We have it penciled in for January 11th.

CCGEE Insurance Update – The health insurance company Ashley & Angela have been using for the last year and a half (Health Republic) is going out of business on December 31. With the help of our broker Cathy, we’ve decided on a new provider (Providence) with a plan that has mostly comparable benefits and actually a slightly lower premium. Angela will get the enrollment paperwork done in the next couple days for insurance coverage starting January 1.

Affirmative Action Plan – Thomas, Stephanie, Ashley, and Angela met on Thursday the 19th to look at an example Affirmative Action Policy and discuss how we want to make it work for CGE. We’ll meet again this Thursday the 3rd to get our draft ready to present at next week’s EC meeting.

Ed Ray Meeting – We’re scheduled for 1 PM on Thursday the 17th. Clint can no longer attend, but Zhian, Vance, and Kris plan to. We’ll solidify an agenda for this at next week’s EC meeting.

Alliance for a Socially Justice University – The monthly campus alliance meeting is tomorrow at noon in Hovland 100. Thomas, Clint, and maybe Stephanie plan to go.

Meeting adjourned at 6:25 PM

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