CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2013

 In attendance: Danny Ritter, Forrest Parker, Sydney Householder, Michelle Marie, Eric Coker, Braden Elliott, Wren Keturi; Angela McClendon, Ashley Bromley, Sarah Burke, Eben Pullman Meeting called to order at 2:05 PM

Minutes from 2-21-12 meetings – Approved. Email Decisions – None this week.

RA Campaign Recognition Party – Wren will get an email drafted soon to invite people. We need to reserve a location still. (We are waiting to hear about Senior Center availability.)

Trivia Night Recap – It went really well! Everyone had fun. Daniel and Alex did a good job hosting, and Thomas Morrill volunteered to host the next one.

Steward Council Recap – Braden feels like it started strong and then sort of fizzled. Wren feels that the agenda dragged on a bit slowly. The stewards/reps brainstormed several resolutions for Convention. Lizz Hardardt was chosen to be part of the OSU Safety Committee. There was discussion about endorsing member-activists for positions in student government: the council is willing to consider doing so but not put out a blanket endorsement. Braden will endeavor to wake up the reps email list with some informational posts and posting questions for conversation. Once the RA Campaign is settled, Braden will get in touch with people who have expressed interest in being part of the steward election committee.

ASOSU Issue – Jeri is out on leave right now but Danny will pick up the conversation again when she returns. There’s some discussion about moving jurisdiction.

Lab Safety Issue – Wren got an email from someone who was injured. The situation sounds pretty similar to one we helped with in May 2011. She’ll CC Danny, Eben, and Matt Loewen in her response.

Alta Gracia – Eric mentioned something about a meeting.

Office Setup – The EC will have an office party sometime in late March. We’ll schedule it next week.

Constitution Committee – Wren will schedule a meeting to finalize proposed amendments.

Communications Committee – Eric will curate website posts and member submissions for a newsletter to go out before the end of the term.

Bargaining Team – Danny has a list from the rep meeting of people who are interested. He’ll find people’s email addresses and put up a doodle poll to see when they can start meeting. [Executive Session] Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM

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