In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Alisha Jones, Shannon Andrews, Drew Hatlen; Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 9:40 AM

Minutes from 7-2-2014 Meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – None this time.

Grad Political Action Call – Shannon and Drew participated in this conversation hosted by AFT-OR. They’re going to have monthly meetings for a while to work on getting a graduate representative on the institutional boards. The next meeting will be in person on DATE TBA.

HR Hiring Update – There ended up being only two candidates who came in for on-campus interviews, of the four finalists who were invited. Sean went to the “union interview” (SEIU + CGE) with the first candidate on Monday the 7th; Shannon went to the interview yesterday with the second candidate. They feel that the second is the better candidate, based on experience. Tomorrow, Thomas will meet with the hiring committee where they’ll submit and discuss their notes from the interviews. Then the next Wednesday, the 23rd, they’ll make a decision.

Bargaining Update – The last session was Tuesday the 8th. The CGE team brought in their counter- proposals. We agreed to the language the OSU admin team brought on parking. The admin team cancelled the next scheduled session (Monday the 21st) and requested to meet on Tuesday the 22nd instead. When we hear from Lizz what time they’d like, we’ll send out an announcement in an all-member email.

Bargaining Turnout Incentives – Thomas made a fun design for an incentive for the steward who can get the most people (probably by percentage) from their department to show up to bargaining for these summer sessions. This could fit into the Member Recognition category, which is budgeted at $400. The price for hoodies is $38 each, plus a screen setup fee if we need a new design. We’re currently a little uncomfortable spending that much for a prize we don’t yet know the winner of. We’ll talk about this more on email.

NWLF – The registration deadline is THIS Thursday, the 17th. No one has really responded with interest in going. Shannon is going to email the rep list today in hopes of really quick responses. Fairshare Arbitration – We got the result from the arbitrator: we were successful in defending our fairshare calculation! We’ll share the info on the rep list, website, and twitter.

PSU Home Visits – These will be on Saturday morning, the 26th. We’ll ask for volunteers on the rep list. None of the officers here today are available to go.

ExplOregon: Philomath Uncorked – This was also scheduled for Saturday the 26th. We’ll ask Gloria to advertise this on the Social List and fbook group.

GMM Scheduling – The Thursday of the week we want to have the Fall GMM is already booked. We’ll go with Friday, October 24th. However, we want to stick to Thursdays for the Winter and Spring GMMs.

OSU Institutional Board – There are 3 meetings THIS week: Thursday at 12:30, Thursday at 3, and Friday from 9 – 2. Drew can attend the first Thursday meeting. Thomas can attend the second Thursday meeting. The meetings are all held in the Willamette Room at the CH2M Hill Alumni Center.

Office Policies & Procedures – Thomas (with some input from Shannon, Ashley, and Angela) has been working on updates to these. He’ll try to schedule a meeting soon with Shannon and Béatrice (as this year’s returning officers) to finalize them, then present them to the full EC.

Strategic Goals for July – Organizing: We’d like Béatrice to request an EC lunch with Brenda McComb.

External Relations: Alisha will ask for someone to go in her place to the LBL-CLC meeting (next Wednesday, the 23rd).

Financial: Drew is going to get the new debit card right after the meeting. For the audit, Drew will contact GTFF to learn more about the two CPAs we’re considering; he’ll gather the info we need to make a decision at the next meeting.

Brew-Off: Shannon will email Lauren to check in.

Communications: We’ll probably wait until Kris is back from field work to form the committee.

Office/Upkeep: Drew will start working on photos for the website and a popcorn maker. Shannon will see if Tim’s around to ask about an outdoor sign. We’ll probably wait until Ashley’s back to check in with Bombs about how the discount program has been going.

Next Meeting – We’ll go with Tuesday, July 29th, again at 9:30 AM.

Meeting adjourned at 11 AM

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