Fellow teachers, researchers, unionists:

We have just left the bargaining table with a tentative agreement on the contract we’ve been bargaining with the University since March!

While the CGE Bargaining Team has already signed off on this contract, it won’t become official until you—the membership—ratify it.  We’ll be in touch once Fall Term begins with details regarding the ratification vote.  But we want to let you know about the settlement we’ve reached right away.  OSU has agreed to begin implementing the terms of this contract on September 16, 2014, so you can expect to see these changes very soon.


  • Beginning September 2015, every graduate employee will receive a salary increase of 2% every year, provided the employee maintains satisfactory academic progress.
  • Minimum salary rate for graduate employees increases 3% in 2014, 2015, and 2016.


  • Minimum FTE for graduate employees teaching their own class increases to 0.30 FTE for one section and 0.49 FTE for 2 sections.

 Health Insurance

  • OSU’s contribution to graduate employee family (partner and dependent) health insurance increases from 50% to 85%.
  • OSU agrees to accept the Health Insurance Advisory Committee (HIAC) recommended changes to the graduate employee health insurance plan that:
    • Lower the medical deductible from $200 to $100.
    • Include deductible and prescription costs in the out-of-pocket maximum (effectively lowering it).
    • Remove the scratch resistant coating, tint, and anti-reflective coating exclusions from our vision benefit.
    • Increase the maximum benefit on our dental plan from $1000 to $2500.
    • Expand the plan to include comprehensive transgender care.
  • Guarantees CGE access to meetings between Pacific Source and OSU.
  • Sets up a process for finding an alternative to the triple deduction of Summer health insurance premiums to be in effect before Spring 2015.

Tuition & Fee Waiver

  • Permanent E-Campus tuition waiver, including 100% of associated fees.
  • Fee remission increases from $430/term to a 90% fee remission.
  • Summer fee remission increases from 0% to 90%.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

  • Designation of 439 gender inclusive campus restrooms.
  • OSU guarantees reasonable access to gender inclusive restrooms for all graduate employees.
  • Gender inclusive restroom facilities guaranteed in all newly constructed and renovated campus buildings.

Child Care

  • Two positions on the OSU Child Care Task Force will be reserved for CGE representatives.

Notice of Appointment

  • OSU will gather data on the timeliness of appointments and meet with CGE to develop a remedy to late notice of appointment to be in place by Fall 2015.

 Medical and Family Leave

  • OSU may not alter the Medical & Family Leave Policy without consultation with CGE, and CGE retains the right to advocate for changes to the policy. All applicants for Medical and Family Leave will be notified of their right to have an advocate from CGE in the process.

We couldn’t have gotten to this agreement without the dedication of a truly tenacious Bargaining Team.  So–one more time–thanks to Elizabeth Hardardt, Thomas Morrill, Sara Codding, Joey Hulbert, Michelle Jennings, Alisha Jones, Forrest Parker, and Kalbi Zongo.  And to every member who showed up to a stiflingly hot bargaining session, retweeted a bargaining update, or handed out a cola in our “colas for COLAs” action, this is truly your union, your contract, and your victory.

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