In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Shannon Andrews, Araby Belcher, Béatrice Moissinac, Mindy Crandall, Sneha Gantla; Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM


Minutes from 4-3-2014 Meeting – Approved


Email Decisions – (1) Approved all-member email. (2) Approved calendars for mailing.


Steward Council Debrief – Found someone to witness at a bargaining session about term-to-term appointments [or notice of appointment?]. Presented the process for elections. There is now officially an LGBT Caucus. The EECS stewards have successfully set up a school meeting.


Convention Debrief – Araby won a gnome from the auction, which the GTFF later stole. (She and Béatrice will go to the GTFF GMM (tomorrow at the Campbell Center (155 High St.) from 6 to 8pm) to get it back.) Our resolutions passed. We won a LOT of awards! Membership growth, best website (Rob!) and social media, and best treasurer (Thomas!). CGE delegates said they found the Convention to be inspiring and effective, and that they really felt a sense of cohesiveness across the locals that gives us confidence as we unite to face challenges in the wider labor community.


Social Hour Schedule – There was one leeetle typo on the calendar we sent out: we had the May 5 social hour written as 7-9 PM instead of the usual 5-7 PM. We’ve decided to just do 5-9 PM!


Bargaining Update – The next session is Friday, April 18, 1-3 PM.


Equity Fair Debrief – We’ll talk about this next week when Ashley’s back.


Debit Card Management – Mindy’s name has been on the card since it was set up. Thomas went to OSU Federal to talk about updating it when Mindy’s done. They said we can get a new card at the same time we update the list of account owners, so we’ll make that part of our officer transition plan.


ASOSU Elections – These are happening all next week. Sneha will learn more about it and email us.


GMM – Thursday, April 24. We’ll elect new EC and talk about bargaining, Convention, the upcoming SC elections, and the 2-5 Year Plan. Shannon will make a fb event and we’ll plan to send emails the week of. Shannon will email the stewards to see if anyone wants to help.


Office Visits – Some people have signed up. Ashley is working on the schedule.


Online Tax Payment – Approved.


EC Next Year – Officers are working on getting their replacements.


GTFF May Day Rally for Bargaining – We think this is on Thursday, May 1. We’d like to get a group of members together to go support them. We’ll publicize right after our GMM.


We Power Orange – Thomas attended a meeting yesterday: “A public presentation of the results of the survey completed by over 1,200 non-tenure track faculty at Oregon State University last Spring. Come hear, discuss, and consider the recommendations proposed by three of the survey authors. The survey was a collaboration between OSU-AAUP and the Faculty Senate.” Non-tenure track faculty have a lot of concerns.


SC Ideas for 2-5 Year Plan – (1) The issue of office space was considered: moving is a big hassle, and rent everywhere else would probably be a lot more; however, if we began administering our own health insurance, we’d probably need a larger office. (2) Member research scholarship lottery: having a fund that could be disbursed (by random selection) to help members go to their academic conferences. (3) Having a BIGGER sign! (4) Cost-sharing with Westmin for some renovations (like heating in the big room) and/or using one of the (extra) offices upstairs.


Earth Week – Sneha works with a campus sustainability group and they’re interested in some CGE input about labor issues’ relevance to the environment. The morning of Monday, April 21, there will be some chalking and tabling. Sneha will get more info to us in a few days.


CGE Health Insurance – Since the business manager position is officially half-time now, we qualify for a group plan! Angela will contact the person she and Bret talked with a while ago, to see what’s available and get prices.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM


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