CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2013

In attendance: Lizz Hardardt, Mindy Crandall, Eric Coker, Béatrice Moissinac, Shannon Andrews, Araby Belcher;  guest member Kevin Weitemier;  Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 3:15 PM

Minutes from 9-18-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – None this week.


AFT-OR EC Meeting Recap (with Kevin) – Last Saturday was Kevin’s first meeting as VP. The GTFF is going to be holding a couple of fundraisers for LESS-T, one of which is after their Fall GMM on October 11 (we’d like to visit their GMM anyway to push the Brew-Off; Mindy will contact them about time on the agenda). Sarah Grider was elected to fill the open seat of VP for Political Action. Now there’s an open seat for VP-at-Large; we’d like to nominate Lizz for that seat! Mindy will submit our nomination. Convention was rescheduled for April 4-6; Kevin will be on the Convention Committee! Winter School will be January 24-26.


New Steward Appointments – A few new folks would like to be Stewards in their areas. Béatrice and Ashley have talked with them and feel they’re ready for it. We now appoint Andre Hahn (History of Science), Claude Bullock (Applied Ethics), and David Taylor (Zoology). We’ll ask the Steward Council to confirm them at the meeting on October 8.


Welcome BBQ – This is tomorrow! 6 PM at Avery Park. Shannon and Ashley bought all the food yesterday, and Shannon is working with other folks to prepare, cook, and transport. Wear your shirts!


Bargaining Update – There’s a meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 3 PM.


AGEL Fall Conference – We had a brilliant plan for hosting this on Brew-Off weekend, but the AGEL leadership decided to hold it at UIUC on the weekend of our Fall GMM. Well, it’s their loss. We need to register folks by October 8. Béatrice will draft an email to reps asking for interest (and a 1-page statement of “Why I would like to go”); we’ll make final selections at next week’s EC meeting (October 2).


ASOSU Hiring – We’re disappointed in the management of hiring for the Grad Affairs director position; we were not invited to provide input. But we’re planning to try to meet with the new hire (Jonathan?) soon.


Office of Equity & Inclusion Hiring – We missed the first “open forum” (interview) yesterday, but there are two more (tomorrow and Tuesday the 1st, both at 1:15 PM). Not sure if anyone can make it.


Brew-Off Glasses – We need to decide how much funding to approve for the committee. We have estimates for cost: for 300 (approx $1,400); for 350 (approx $1,623); for 400 (approx $1,847). The EC today authorizes purchase of 384 glasses (a multiple of 24, which is the case size).


SEIU Strike Support  – SEIU does have a couple bargaining sessions scheduled in the next few days, but things aren’t looking very positive right now.


Meeting adjourned at 4:35 PM

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