CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – June 4, 2013

In attendance: Braden Elliott, Wren Keturi, Eric Coker, Forrest Parker, Danny Ritter; officer-elect Béatrice Moissinac; B-Team rep Sneha Gantla; AFT-OR ECer Kevin Weitemier; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

Minutes from 5-28-13 meeting – Approved.
Email Decisions – (1) Registered 3 members for the AFT-OR student debt forum, which is this coming Saturday. (2) Decided not to financially sponsor the SAGE Concert Series.
Steward Council Appointments – Braden is sending the email right now!


Institutional Boards – Wren is too busy at the moment but she’ll research this for next week.


Meeting with Ed Ray – Wren will email soon to inform OSU of the upcoming officer transition and see if we can schedule a meeting over the summer.


Bargaining Update with Sneha – We had sessions last Wednesday, last Thursday, and yesterday. There’s another session this afternoon at 2 PM, and the mediator/facilitator Julie will be there.


AFT-OR EC Meeting Recap with Kevin – It was on Saturday in Lake Oswego; Kevin and Katie Stofer attended. They talked about the student debt forum, making 2-year plans, the AFT Northwest Leadership Forum, and plenty of other topics. Next meeting will be in September.


Upcoming Training Stuff – There’s AFL-CIO Summer School (August 9 in Eugene; expensive registration but there’s a scholarship possibility), the Northwest Leadership Forum (July 1 in Vancouver WA; not too expensive), and CGEU (August 1 in Iowa; cheap registration but quite high travel costs) all happening soon. We need to prioritize funding to send members to these. Wren will email the CGEU organizers to see if CGE could host a session thingy (to make it a better use of our funds); with that info, we’ll make a decision next week.


End-of-Year BBQ – Friday, June 14th, starting at 5 in Avery Park. Meatbomb will be playing. Eric will make a fbook event for it today, and will draft a flyer to distribute. We’ll work on food and drink next week; Ashley has learned that we could get some cider for similar cost to beer. Spirit of Solidarity Awards: everyone likes this idea and we need to find a group to give it to (we’re thinking MEChA). Also we’d like to have volunteer-/steward-of-the-year awards; this is a more difficult decision.


Finance Committee – Forrest and Thomas have been talking about it and will start gathering people.


Summer Social Hour – We’ll try for every other Tuesday at Bombs (cheap pints!). We’ll start on June 18th. Ashley will make a little tabletop sign with the summer schedule.


Local Member Benefits – Danny’s going to ask about a new CGE discount at a company we’ve recently been patronizing frequently.


Online Tax Payment – Approved online payment of federal payroll tax for May.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM

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