CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – May 7, 2013

In attendance: Braden Elliott, Forrest Parker, Danny Ritter, Wren Keturi, Sydney Householder, Eric Coker (after his substitute teaching); guest member Daniel Holder; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM

Minutes from 4-30-13 meeting – Approved

Email Decisions – (1) All-member bargaining email went out; (2) Email response to question on CGE’s expenditures; (3) Approval of Ashley’s vacation in a couple weeks! (She needs to put it on the calendar.)

LBL-CLC Update (from delegate Daniel) (1) There will be a “listening session” to talk about what Oregon AFL-CIO members want the national organization to do. Daniel’s not 100% sure when it will be, but sometime in late May. He’d really like to see several CGE people there. We’ll ask some reps and other members who have expressed interest in the CLC. (2) The Albany firefighters union is having a fundraising golf event (for their community assistance fund) and CGE has been asked to contribute a donation toward it (rather, to “sponsor” a team). We feel like the amount requested was too high, and further we don’t have a procedure for approving donations/expenditures like this. Decision: we’ll send a note on the Social List; we won’t make a decision about the money right now. (3) The Oregon AFL-CIO convention is coming up in September. CGE is allotted delegates but we haven’t sent people in the past (mainly due to cost). Oregon AFL-CIO will send a couple delegates to the national convention as well.


Bargaining Update (from B-Team member Daniel) – Meeting held yesterday morning. Both teams agreed it’s important to try to finalize the contract in June, which means working quickly on the articles they agree on.


Steward Council Elections – They happened! There was a contested election that resulted in a tie, so we set up a run-off election for that area. There were a few people who were nominated too late. The EC agrees to appoint them.


Steward Training – This is currently scheduled for this Sunday, the 12th. Unfortunately this date does not work very well. Instead, we’ll do training/knowledge transfer at the SC meeting on the 16th. Braden will let everyone know about the change!


Ed Ray Meeting – This Thursday at 10 AM; our team will be Wren, Braden, Michelle, and Sydney. We’d like to talk about bargaining, e-campus tuition waiver, work/life balance, family leave, Mark McCambridge’s retirement.


Solidarity Fair Recap – Turnout wasn’t very good because most of the people who were interested in a labor fair were the people working the tables.


Safe Space Training – Ashley went on Sunday (as well as a couple other CGEers). It was good. Unfortunately we won’t get an official sticker for the office, but we’ll make up a little sign to say we want the CGE office to be a safe/inclusive space for everyone.


AFT-OR Forum on Student Debt – This is happening in Salem on June 8th. Up to 3 CGE members can attend. We’ll advertise on the social media and email, mentioning that we’ll reimburse one carpool.


All-Member Email – We received a couple requests to send out information through the member email. We’ll recommend they email the Social List.


CGEU Conference – Happening at the University of Iowa in the first weekend of August. Registration is due by July 1 so we’ll talk more later about how many to send.


YELL Solidarity Symposium – This will be in Vancouver, WA, on Thursday, May 23rd. We’ll advertise to the reps. There’s no registration cost but we’ll reimburse a carpool.


Great Cover-Up – It’s this Friday! We’ll facilitate putting together carpools.


AFT-OR EC Meeting – Happening on Saturday, June 1st. We’ll advertise to the reps.

The New EC – When do we invite all the new EC to come to our meetings? Let’s try for May 28th to begin. We’ll add the new officers to the email list on May 20th.

Strategic Retreat – The house from last year is available! The EC approves paying to hold the reservation so Ashley will make that happen.


Online Tax Payment – Approved paying federal payroll tax online.
Meeting adjourned at 11:50 AM

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