CGE is electing Stewards this fall! A Steward is a representative from an Area of OSU, often simply called a Rep. The Constitution and Bylaws assign one Steward per 15 members (or a major fraction thereof) in each Area.* Each Area is entitled to a Steward (no matter how few people are in it.) Nominations open today, and continue through the General Membership Meeting on October 17. To nominate, email Braden Elliott at with your Area and the name of your nomination. Elections will be held electronically during Week 5, October 22-26.  This is the list of Areas for which we will be electing Stewards, with the number of apportioned Stewards in parentheses:

Animal and Rangeland Sciences (1)

Anthropology (1)

Applied Economics (1)

Applied Ethics (1)

Biochemistry and Biophysics (1)

Botany and Plant Pathology (1)

Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering (1)

Chemistry (3)

Civil and Construction Engineering (1)

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (3)

College Student Services Administration (1)

Crop and Soil Science (1)

Design and Human Environment (1)

Economics (1)

Education (1)

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (5)

English (2)

Environmental Science (1)

Ethnic Studies (1)

Exercise and Sport Science (1)

Fisheries and Wildlife (1)

Food Science and Technology (1)

Foreign Languages and Literature (1)

Forest Ecosystems and Society (1)

Forest Engineering, Resources, and Management (1)

History of Science (1)

Horticulture (1)

Human Development and Family Sciences (2)

Mathematics (2)

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (2)

Microbiology (1)

Molecular and Cell Biology (1)

Music Education (1)

Non-Degree (1)

Nuclear Engineering (1)

Nutrition (1)

Pharmacy (1)

Physics (1)

Psychology (1)

Public Health (1)

Public Policy (3)

Science, Math, and Computer Science Education (1)

Speech Communication (1)

Statistics (1)

Water Resources (1)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (1)

Wood Science and Engineering (1)

Zoology (2)

*This means that Areas with up to 21 members will elect one Steward, since 15 plus 7 (the smallest major fraction of 15) is 22. Likewise, Areas with 22-36 members will elect two Stewards. June 2012 membership was used to apportion Stewards to Areas.

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