Greeting CGE!

Thanks to our bargaining team, fees are significantly less burdensome and costly than in the past.  The University will now be waiving approximately 85% of all fees, plus the matriculation and international student fees all because our members demanded fee relief in bargaining!  For all returning students, fees should be approximately $63.00.

However, this transition to lower fees has not been entirely smooth.  Because the Human Resources department has to individually waive all matriculation and international student fees, not all fees have been waived.  If you are a new student and have a $300 matriculation or $50 international student fee on your account summary, do not pay your bill!  The HR department will be waiving these costs in October.  If you have already paid these bills, you can expect a refund check from OSU.

Still having a hard time figuring out fees?  You can always contact us by calling the office at 541-757-7141 or by emailing

In Solidarity,


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