Two of our officer positions are currently being held by interim officers. We will be formally electing people to fill these two positions at our Winter General Membership Meeting, January 27th. Any member in good standing for at least 3 months is eligible to hold office.

External Relations Chair

This person maintains CGE’s relationships with external organizations such as ASOSU, SEIU, AAUP, AGEL, and AFT-Oregon.

This is a position best suited for someone who is quite familiar with CGE, as they need to be able to represent CGE to external organizations. Prior EC members, bargaining team members, or active reps would be well suited to the position.


  • Maintain a relationship with campus coalition activities via email
  • Attend Campus Coalition meetings or campus group meetings as necessary with our colleagues in AAUP, ASOSU, and SEIU
  • Help plan and promote joint events sponsored by coalition groups
  • Attend CLC meetings monthly (Albany)
  • Participate in the monthly AGEL conference call
  • Arrange and attend quarterly meetings with President Ray
  • Liaison with the ASOSU Grad Affairs Task Force Director
  • Liaison with AFT-OR and other AFT-OR locals when necessary
  • Develop further union connections with other labor unions in Corvallis
  • Report on all activities to the CGE EC
  • Attend Faculty Senate meetings as needed

Vice President for Communications

This person is responsible for communications with CGE members and developing an overall communications strategy that keeps CGE in the forefront of members’ minds.

This is a good entry-level position for someone who is not necessarily as familiar with CGE as other folks but who can write and communicate well. Graphic design and technology skills, along with new ideas and creativity, are all a plus.


  • Update the CGE website regularly
  • Update the CGE Facebook page (including adding new members)
  • Use the Twitter account as necessary (i.e., in support of bargaining)
  • Photograph, or arrange for photography, at events
  • Develop and distribute (to bulletin boards) CGE promotional materials
  • Develop other outreach and communication methods (monthly columns, etc)
  • Develop and maintain media contacts
  • Write and send press releases as needed
  • Write and email the monthly digest
  • Write and email out the quarterly newsletter
  • Design promotional materials
  • Develop newsletter team/committee
  • Keep in touching with bargaining, etc. to keep up with everything

All EC members are expected to attend and participate in regular EC meetings (weekly during the academic year, less frequently during breaks); check in and respond over email when decisions need to be made that way; and participate in all the regular business that keeps the union running. This includes participating in quarterly membership drives, helping deliver short orientations to all incoming graduate students at the beginning of the academic year, attending AFT-Oregon convention in April, and attending the annual planning retreat in the summer. The EC works directly with CGE’s staff organizer and business manager to ensure that the daily tasks that keep the union going are completed. The time commitment varies over the year and by officer position, but in general, EC members should anticipate spending several hours a week on CGE related activities.

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