EC Meeting 8/22/12

In attendance: Eben, Michelle Marie, Wren Keturi, Daniel Ritter, Bret Seferian, Ashley Bromley (late), Sarah Burke (late)

• Email Decisions? o None


• Unit Clarification (Eben)

• Organizer training on Thursday (Eben)

• BBQ Recap (Eben) o ~40+ people

o Went really well!

o Ran out of food

o Don’t use Fireside shelter anymore (no electricity)

o Creepy guy sitting in white truck the entire time???


• Bargaining Update (Danny) o Have questions about some language

o Meeting Jeri sometime, still need to establish the time

o Ratification date sometime between September 16 and October 1


• Website o Wren will follow up with Rob

o Have volunteer to do website


• Bulk mail o Need rubber stamp for indicia

o Have bulk mail permit § Need to finish application for non-profit rates



• Brew-off o Getting a brew crew § Will have shirts for them


o Not sure how many brewers GTFF has


• Office clean-up and orientation o Need to check the date

o Will follow up


• Fall Calendar o Get senior center for rep meetings

o Bret will keep looking into rooms for GMM


• AAUP meetings o Should have an EC at the meeting (probably every other week)


• AFT-OR EC Replacement o Discussed


• Adjourn

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