Contract negotiations between CGE and OSU are about begin in earnest. Over the next few months the bargaining team will update this blog to keep you informed of progress and developments in this important process.

To start out, I’d like to introduce you to members of the current bargaining team: Allie Barner, Bethany Haug, Danny Ritter, Elizabeht Hardardt, Forrest Parker, Jack Day, Matt Loewen, Rodrigo Iriarte, Steffi Wafforn, Steve Wicks.

Also, Bret Seferian (CGE’s staff organizer) and Eben Pullman (our field rep. from AFT-OR) will be part of our team.

We will be doing our best to represent the needs of CGE’s membership, and are always open to your questions and concerns. Please email at anytime.


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