Even though OSU and CGE have not officially met, one major agreement has already been reached in contract negotiations. In past contracts Ecampus tuition has not been included in our tuition waiver. As the number of class offerings in Ecampus has risen and off-campus graduate students increasingly raised the issue, CGE has grown concerned that these credits are not included in the waiver. During the last round of contract negotiations, CGE fought to include Ecampus, but OSU refused to budge. Last fall, however, the Graduate School spearheaded an effort to start a one-year trial program giving all graduate assistants access to Ecampus classes under the standard tuition waiver.

Last week we finalized language with OSU on this subject and signed a Letter of Agreement that officially recognizes this program. The program will end next fall, although we hope OSU will agree that this is a policy that should continue into the future. As a term of the letter, CGE will be a part of the decision to continue the program, and will have access to the information used to make the decision.

For now, though, Ecampus tuition is officially considered part of your tuition waiver if you are on appointment as a graduate assistant. Please note that a $75 per credit fee for Ecampus classes remains, something will obviously work to eliminate or reduce in the future along with other mandatory fees. Attached is a copy of the letter if you are interested in the details.

Ecampus Letter of Agreement

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