The second round of CGE-OSU negotiations will be held from 3-5 pm on Wed., March 5, in room 206 in the MU.

Things started to get a little contentious at the last meeting, and we didn’t even talk about any of the more sexy articles (as Brett, our master lead negotiator, calls them). At this meeting, we’ll introduce some of our economic proposals, including ones on salary and fee relief and, if we’re fast, health care and child care, so the proceedings should be riveting.

To date, the Administration seems to be looking only to maintain (or perhaps regress from) the status quo, while our vision includes many improvements to the current contract.

We’re hoping to get a huge contingent of observers to come out to this meeting to support that vision. We’re planning to meet at 2:45 in MU 206 to review what’s happened so far and to give a briefing about what to expect at this meeting. (A little bird told me there might also be some sort of social gathering involving refreshments immediately after the meeting.) If you are interested in observing, you can come for any amount of time. What is really important is that you show your support.

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