With another quarter comes another General Membership Meeting:

What: CGE General Membership Meeting
Who: All Union Members & Family
Where: Corvallis Senior Center, 26th & Taylor
When: 5:30 PM, Friday, January 28th

The major agenda item for this GMM will be the nomination and election of delegates to the AFT-Oregon Annual Convention, held this year in Bend, Oregon, from April 15-17.  All union members are allowed to be nominated (you can have someone nominate you if you can’t make it to the GMM), and all union members present will be allowed to vote. CGE is allowed to send 8-12 delegates depending on the previous year’s membership.  This year, it’s an especially important event for us as we will be proposing some changes that should help stabilize CGE’s budget situation.  And it’s generally an inexpensive and fun weekend – ask people who have gone before.

Food and Drink: You all know we normally provide pizza and libations. This time, we’re mixing it up a bit.  A few members have volunteered to cook chili for everyone who shows up (making RSVPs more important than usual).  There will be vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options, for sure, and the drinks will remain the same.  If you have specific food preferences or needs, please contact us.

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