First I would like to also thank all the members who came out to observe our first round of negotiations. I was glad to know that I am not the only one interested in seeing the progress of negotiations in person.

As covered in an earlier post, this bargaining session was rather tame, some might even say a great time to get some grading done, but what did stand out to me is the fact that OSU management had nothing to propose – it was all “housekeeping”. But I understand that next time they are planning on proposing the deletion of the agreement proving the $250/term fee relief – wait how does that make sense?!? Well at least it will make for some interesting observing. And please do come observe, the next meeting will be March 5th from 3-5 in the MU. You may attend any portion or all of the session, as you are available. The only rule is that you may not be disruptive. Also if you have CGE gear, please do wear it.

Personally, I am attending these sessions for the following two reasons. First, I believe graduate employees have a right to a strong contract which represents our interests. Showing OSU management that this member is there to see that we form such a contract is important. CGE does not represent numbers or figures, it is its members. Second, I feel the best way to know that those you have elected to represent you, do represent you, is to see what is happening without the bullshit. By being an observer I send a clear message to both parties: I will know the facts, and if something is bogus I will be there to point it out.

If you were one of the observers from last week, please make a comment here on your thoughts or observations. And if you were unable to make it but have question, please also comment – I will make every effort to answer your question or find someone who can.

Melissa Hastings

2 Thoughts on “Observing – Take 1”

  • I was unpleasantly surprised by the tediousness of the whole process. There was plenty of talk about “housekeeping” and “subsection x in article y” that flew largely over my head. There were a few points when some people got testy, and I suspect there will be more of those to come when the money actually gets discussed. Many thanks to the bargaining team for putting up with it all!

  • I agree that the graduate students have a firm right to a contract that represents their interests. Although, the union does not have numbers to show per say, the benefits of their work are reaped by each and every Graduate TA/RA. We are talking about people who contribute very significantly to the Oregon University System, whose only appreciation is the success of students and professors that they help.

    I think a show of solidarity sends a message that the union is just not a small coterie that negotiates with the University every year, but a body that strives for the welfare of every graduate employee that contributes richly to the Oregon University System. There should not be room for any misrepresentation. The facts must come good. And it is there for every one to see. Honest, hardworking employees who contribute richly to the system.

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