Steward Council Meeting



Called to order: 6:01PM


Introductions & Updates

Math: OK, opened up a grad only lounge.

Soil Science: issues with how Dean is distributing remissions next year.  Department doesn’t like the 0.3 minimum FTE. Some discrepancy in pay between September and October likely due to tuition payout over the summer.

MIME: no longer servicing the printer.

EECS: going through the paperwork for their new GSA.

Public Policy: new grad lounge in Bexel.

FERM: Adrian sent email about insurance, some issues regarding the health insurance enrollment timeline.

Biochemistry & Biophysics: no update.

CEOAS: concerns about new contract language regarding hourly work and that this may result in fewer options for mixing and matching funding sources. Juan thinks it results from an issue about having two different interpretations of the contract. Ashley and Dixie have been talking to central HR about this, and they’re on the same page. It seems to be a communication issue from central HRàbusiness centers àPIs and maybe also from CGEàmembersàPIs. Also, some issues with tuition remission in CEOAS. Contact Ashley & she’ll help you resolve it!

Applied Economics: issue with the handling of visa/SEVIS fee reimbursements. Grads aren’t getting the reimbursements yet.  Ashley has talked to some folks, and it seems to be coming through for them now.

Integrative Biology: no update.

Applied Anthropology: no update.

SWLF: no update.

Horticulture: no update.

Environmental Science: concerns about the requirement in the new contract that employer give a reason for a less than year -long contract. They want the language loose enough to allow for the sort of employment offered in the program.

Statistics: things are going well; no update.

BPP: no update.


The More You Know: Switch to Oregon Drug List

We’re moving to a new drug list. This means drugs may be covered at different tiers going forward. Specifically, the Oregon Drug List favors generics. People on existing prescriptions have 6 months to make the switch, but we need to get the info out to people in a forthcoming all member email. Jessie recommends drafting the language such that it makes it clear what people need to do.


AFT-Oregon Convention

AFT-Oregon Convention happens in the Spring. It is where we are able to influence the legislative (and other) agenda of AFT-Oregon. We want to put a committee together to start thinking about resolutions.

Committee: Evan and Daniel

Resolutions: No ideas yet.


Ratification & Quorum Requirement

We had 128 people vote in the ratification vote. We discussed strategies for increasing turnout, including introducing a quorum requirement. Stewards were concerned about whether we would be able to hit a quorum and whether we were placing an undue burden on members since the ratification vote happens in person. We want to keep working on increasing participation in these votes, but we do not want to pursue a quorum requirement.


Critical Trainings

Clint is serving on a University committee to review what critical trainings are required for employees. Stewards suggested trainings about self-advocacy in dealing with advisors, an intro to resources, trainings (especially TA training) for folks who start in Winter or Spring term, Canvass training, and  a 2nd round of stand alone teaching training.


University Health and Safety Committee

Stephany is willing to serve another year on the University Health and Safety Committee, but would like someone to apprentice under her so that they’re up to speed next year. The UHSC requires some training then meets once a month for 3 hours.  Stewards suggested Erin Abernethy as an apprentice or someone from Industrial Engineering who deals with these issues professionally.


Social List

We need to remind people how to unsubscribe. Plus we need to make the community standards more public.



Saturday, November 12th. Attend! Volunteer (email forthcoming).


CGE & Taking Stances on Issues

We want to continue the conversation we started at the last SC meeting. We decided the best way to do that was with a stand-alone meeting to discuss the way forward on this topic during Week 5 of Winter Term. Prior to that meeting, we want to have support materials ready for stewards, including: definitions, talking points, what outcomes we’re aiming for, encouragement for members to attend the Week 5 meeting. Stewards will talk to folks in their programs between Week 2 and 5.


Adjourned: 7:45PM

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