OSU began with contract language on gender neutral restrooms and the new parking system. Strangely, their latest financial proposal was not communicated in writing.

OSU financial proposal:

  • A one-time, 2% increase to the minimum salary rate (Fall 2015).

  • A 3-tier system for pay raises based on experience, with each increase by 2%.

  • The university did not offer cost of living raises.

This proposal offers raises solely for PhD-seeking employees. Further, it includes only two 2% raises. OSU feels that this approach (the equivalent of a 1% raise per year over a 4-year PhD) would incentivize students to progress through their program.

CGE’s stance is that we support cost of living raises as well as increase to the minimum salary. The cost of living in Corvallis has been increasing ~5% per year. CGE sees the proposed degree progress raises as insufficient cost-of-living adjustments for some grad employees. In contrast, a 2% cost-of-living adjustment would help keep OSU and Corvallis affordable and prevent cuts to real wages.

  • Graduate employees with full responsibility for a class would get at least a 0.3 FTE.

Our witnesses in past sessions have all said that the hours they spend grading, lecturing, and preparing lessons would require the equivalent of a 0.375 FTE.

  • 90% of academic year fees waived (if the three fees which can’t be waived increase to more than 10%, the waiver will be adjusted).

  • 90% of Summer fees waived (starting Summer 2015).

  • Ecampus tuition permanently waived.

  • 100% of Ecampus fees waived.

  • OSU is starting a committee to study improving child care for everyone on campus.

However, OSU will not contribute any money as CGE proposed for a stipend program to begin Fall 2014.

  • OSU would contribute 85% towards family health insurance premiums.

  • Continued 85% contribution towards employee premiums.

Health insurance premiums go up every year and we share 15% of that cost. We’re happy to see the increased commitment to our members with families, but would also like to see an increased contribution for all graduate employees.

  • The administration rejected the changes to our health insurance plan that were proposed by the Health Insurance Advisory Committee (HIAC).

HIAC is our voice in our health plan and in its 11 years this is the first time we have successfully convened it. We proposed changes to improve benefits, without drastically increasing costs. While OSU is including changes to extend full transgender coverage, they have said the increased contribution to partner and dependent care is all they can do on health insurance. So effectively we keep the same Pacific Source coverage we’ve had for 11 years. No other bids were sought or taken. Free-market competition helped graduate employees at UO negotiate not only more benefits, but less cost – for both the university AND the employee.

During caucus, both bargaining team members and observers noted a lack of any movement. OSU clearly did not include a financial or verbal response to our key concerns in our counter-proposal. After caucus, CGE voiced our disappointment in their proposal and reiterated our positions from last session.

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