In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Sneha Gantla, Lizz Hardardt, Araby Belcher, Thomas Morrill, Shannon Andrews, Béatrice Moissinac; guest members Michelle Jennings, Kris Osterloh; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon; new COLOR printer (not yet assembled)

Meeting called to order at 2:30 PM


Email Decisions – (1) Set spring term meetings for Thursdays at 10 AM. (2) Approved all-member email. (3) Approved funds for SLCS workload meeting food.


Minutes from 3-4-2014 Meeting – Approved.


Online Tax Payment – Approved paying federal payroll tax online.


Bargaining Update (with Michelle) – We had our initial session on Thursday, March 6, to go over ground rules. We’ve scheduled sessions for the next few weeks (13th at noon, 20th at 1, 27th at noon) and will try to schedule meetings every week in spring term as well. Béatrice and Ashley are working to generate turnout. The B-Team is meeting tonight to prepare for the first negotiations on the 13th.


Social Stuff (with Kris) – We’d rescheduled the next ExplOregon: Winery Tour for April 19th but that no longer works. It is now scheduled for April 26th! We’ll publicize after Spring Break.


Dues Meeting Recap – A few of the EC met with the Dues Committee this last Sunday evening to talk about the best procedure for a future dues restructure proposal. A secret-ballot vote was strongly approved. It seems likely that any revisit will happen after the current EC’s term, probably in the fall. Next steps: We’ll ask stewards at the April meeting to think about where they’d like to see CGE in 2-3 years; we’ll ask them at the May meeting for interest in the Dues Committee. We’ll send a survey to members at the end of spring term. We’ll talk about action at the strategic retreat.


USAS Meeting Recap – Ashley and Eric went to the USAS meeting with the Beaver Store people and Steve Clark. Steve Clark told the Beaver Store management that they “have to” place an order for at least $25,000. The USAS folks want to see a $250,000 purchase, instead, so that (1) there are lots of different options for people to try and (2) the store has a stake in selling a lot of the merch.


SLCS Workload Meeting – Had a meeting last Thursday the 6th. They want to set up a meeting with Susan Shaw, hopefully from a collaborative viewpoint of working together to get more funding in their departments. They’re going to draft a letter for grads to sign onto.


UHSC Update – Lizz has learned some things. There’s a lot of concern about having better campus safety after dark. There’s going to be a “night walk” scheduled (Lizz will ask for a date to be set). One idea for improvement is having specific walkways that are better lit and possibly patrolled. Sidenote: We need to find Lizz’s replacement on the UHSC. The EC agrees that appointing a member is a good idea. We think Stephany Chacon might be a good candidate; Lizz will contact her to ask if she’s interested.


AFT-Oregon Convention – Alas, Mindy will not be able to go to Convention this year, so we no longer have a ranking delegate. Ashley talked with AFT-OR about selecting a new one, and Kristen said there isn’t a procedure; we just need to choose. Mindy will ask Sean if he’s interested.


Meeting with UO Folks – Ashley will be meeting with Dave Cecil and Amber Cooper on Friday in Eugene. She’s wondering if the EC has any requests for things they’ll talk about. She expects Cecil wants to talk about Convention and showing solidarity with GTFF and UA.


Social Hour – Next one is this coming Saturday. Thomas (and Shannon) will be hosting. Thomas will send a Social List email on Friday and a fbook reminder on Saturday.
Thomas’s Two Minutes – He’d like to go through and update various CGE policies and procedures (for example, there are outdated guidelines about how many pizzas to order for GMMs). He’ll begin working on it during spring break (along with Ashley and Angela) and present suggestions to the EC after that.


T-Shirts – Ashley has put together some designs! We’d like to order about 150, which fits nicely in our budget. If we can get quick turnaround on stewards voting and design finalization, we should have the shirts ready for Convention.


Meeting adjourned at 4:04 PM

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