In attendance: Thomas Morrill, Mindy Crandall, Lizz Hardardt, Sneha Gantla; guests Steve Clark (Vice President of University Relations and Marketing) and Kavinda Arthenayake (Director of both Transportation Solutions and Printing & Mailing); Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 2:38 PM


Minutes from 3-11-2014 Meeting – Approved.


Parking Zone Presentation (with Steve and Kavinda) – We heard about Steve and Kavinda’s proposal for a new zonal parking structure. We have some concerns about it because it will affect our bargained benefit of having 40 “better” (faculty/staff) parking permits for members. Steve and Kavinda answered a lot of questions for us and also took notes on our concerns to try to incorporate.


Culture of Service – Sneha went to the latest meeting last Friday. They’ve decided that it will be best to not treat students as customers, but rather as participants in a society.


Bargaining Update – We had a session last Thursday at noon. It went about as well as could be expected. OSU opened one of the articles we wanted (insurance) so we were able to open an additional article. There should be a blog post about it soon. Sneha thought it was cool that all the people from both teams had chances to speak. Next session is this Thursday at 1 PM. Both parties agreed to talk about e-campus tuition and fees this week.


Dave Cecil Meeting – Ashley (and Angela and John and Rob and Matt) met with Cecil last Friday in Eugene. We talked a little about sitting together at Convention (his delegates also don’t want to sit intermingled but we’d all be happy to sit near each other) and switching field reps (he suggests we ask Rodolfo directly, and emphasize Rodolfo’s grad union experience).


Convention Delegate Meeting – The first meeting is today at 5 PM. We’ll eat pizza and talk about the ranking delegate and what happens at Convention.


Audit Report Update – Oops! We missed one of the informational steps of the AFT audit process. Angela will prepare the necessary spreadsheet and share it for approval before sending it on to AFT.


Convention Extras – We’d like to talk in advance of tonight’s meeting about delegates bringing extras. We don’t want delegates to bring significant others or children unless not bringing them would prohibit the delegates from participating (ie, paying for childcare). However, we’ve found that it’s important to have a non-delegate “house parent” to help with cooking and cleaning. Since we have two houses this year, we’d like to bring two; tonight we’ll ask delegates to nominate people and the EC will choose two.


Meeting adjourned at 4:17 PM

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