In attendance: Lizz Hardardt, Thomas Morrill, Sneha Gantla, Araby Belcher, Shannon Andrews, Béatrice Moissinac; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 2:30 PM (back in the office at last!)


Minutes from 1-14 and 1-21-2014 Meetings – Approved


Email Decisions – (1) Approved childcare subsidy for BT training. (2) Approved childcare subsidy request form. (3) Added GTFF and Adam Chouinard to GMM agenda. (4) Approved response to Hillsboro Classified about the resolution on resolutions.


Online Tax Payment – Approved.



  1. Prep Schedule – Shannon and her helpers will be cooking all day and setting up the room.
  2. Finalize Agenda – Same as last week except we added the folks mentioned in (3) above.
  3. Turnout Plan – Béatrice will email the rep list today, Ashley will send individualized emails tomorrow, Shannon will email the all-member list Thursday morning.
  4. Afterparty? – Ashley will ask to reserve the side room at Clod’s. Shannon is willing to pass on clean-up this time so she can anchor the afterparty.


Steward Incentive Plan – Béatrice & Ashley are creating some badges for stewardship goals. We’d like to make little (1-inch) buttons for them but would need to purchase the cutter and smasher. The EC is in favor of the idea but unsure about the price; the company we’ve ordered from before has what we’d need for about $450. We’ll investigate more and make a decision about costs via email. Béatrice & Ashley also have a rough plan for awards like what Katie Stofer received last year (the Rob Hess Long-Term Service award) as well as B-Team participation, etc. They’ll bring us a more finalized proposal at next week’s meeting.


Barometer Article – Sneha will be updating her article in the next few days.


Strategic Goals Meetings – Ashley would like to meet with each officer for a little bit next week to check in about strategic goals. (Lizz gets a pass because they’re meeting all the time right now already.)


Fairshare Fees Account – Mindy, Angela, and Ashley are communicating with Sam at AFT Legal to get some clarification about how much of the fairshare fees needs to be escrowed at the various points of the term (slightly confusing and potentially difficult for our cash-flow considerations).


Game Night – It will be held at Shannon and Ashley’s house this term, on Tuesday, February 4. Shannon will make an event for it on the fb group.


AFT-OR Awards – There are some scholarships and awards that need more applicants! We’re going to nominate ourselves for the website award. Ask Ashley if you want an application. Importantly, they’re due this Friday.


Late Refund Request Policy – There was a fairshare payer who requested a refund about a week after the deadline. We want to be sure we have a policy we can be consistent about. The EC feels that fairshare payers had plenty of opportunity to request their refunds and don’t need special consideration.


Info Request re: Hourly Employees – Sarah Burke (working as an organizer for AFT-Oregon again) contacted us about getting some information about grad students working hourly jobs. The EC approves the cost. Lizz will work on drafting the info request (with input from Ashley and Sarah).


T-Shirt Design – One of our goals for 2014 is to get a new t-shirt printed. We’ll ask members to submit designs and have the Stewards vote on them at the February 18 meeting.


Donuts – Thomas explains to us some words about different sizes of donuts (tori) getting stuck together and turning into a “forever donut”! That sounds delicious.


A Is for Activist – We get to read the book!


Meeting adjourned at 3:50 PM

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