CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – May 21, 2013

In attendance: Danny Ritter, Braden Elliott, Wren Keturi, Michelle Marie, Eric Coker; special guest BT-member Daniel Holder; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon

Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM

Minutes from 5-14-13 meeting – Approved.

Email Decisions – None this week.
Steward Council Update – We were rushing and dealing with technical difficulties right before the meeting, so we forgot to bring the list of appointments for the elected stewards to approve. Braden will email them to ask if anyone has objections or desires discussion. The steward training at the meeting went pretty well considering that there wasn’t as much time as we’d usually prefer.


Grad Open Forums – Michelle and Ashley thought turnout was good: lots of CGE folks and lots of international students. Financial issues, length of appointment, e-campus tuition were big topics. Based on the importance of e-campus tuition waivers, we’d like to put some pressure on Provost Randhawa to make a decision that positively affects grads. Ashley will look into using for a petition, and we’ll write a letter for the Barometer.


Bargaining Update – We had sessions on Tuesday the 14th and yesterday the 20th. The next session is this Thursday the 23rd.


YELL Solidarity Symposium – Eric will be going up on Thursday. He’ll ask again on fbook to see if anyone else wants to go along.


Trivia Night – Forrest said Thomas has questions all ready to go; Ashley will get in touch to see if he needs anything printed/set up/etc. Sydney said she’ll pick up food/drink if Ashley can put together a list.


Foreign Lang/Lit Issue


WOU Rally – There’s an SEIU faculty/student rally tomorrow at noon. We’ll mention it on fbook.


AFT-OR EC Meeting – This is on Saturday, June 1st, in Lake Oswego. Both Katie and Kevin will be there. Wren will ask around for members interested in going.


AFT-OR New Member Packets – Ashley was asked whether we want these. We’ll order a couple dozen for the fall.


Ashley’s Non-Chargeables – She’s created a list of non-chargeable activities and is planning how to account for her hours.


Ashley’s Vacation – Wren will craft and distribute the EC meeting agenda next week. We won’t have a Social Hour next Monday because it’s Memorial Day.


Office Visit Software – At AGEL, Wren & Danny previewed a program that manages office visits (created by a computer science grad from Florida). It was “really, really cool”: it’s mobile, it tracks visits, it updates a database with conversations. Rob likes the idea and is working with the author on making it happen. Rob/Wren/Ashley/Angela will figure out a time a couple weeks from now to go through it together online.


New Officer Orientation – We’ll put this on the agenda for next week: when will we introduce the new EC to the office?


Meeting adjourned at 11:01 AM  (just under an hour – woot!)


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