CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – August 21, 2013

In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Shannon Andrews, Araby Belcher, Lizz Hardardt, Béatrice Moissinac, Thomas Morrill; B-Team member Sneha Gantla; Ashley Bromley, Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman

Meeting called to order at 3:04 PM

Minutes from 8-14-13 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – (1) Approved Ashley purchasing a speakerphone. (2) Approved Sean’s nomination letter for institutional board. (3) Approved all-member email language. (4) Approved Grad School calendar blurbs. (5) Approved using FB group for Grad School picnic request for bands.


Bargaining Update (with Sneha) – Had a session on Monday the 19th. The final (we think) bargaining sessions are scheduled for Monday the 26th and Thursday the 29th.


SEIU Support – We got a thank-you email from Brett, the SEIU organizer, appreciating CGE’s support during their bargaining and mediation. He asked if we had anything coming up where he could organize SEIU members to support us. Mindy will respond to let him know we’re waiting to plan any action until after we see how the next meeting goes.


AFL-CIO Convention – We actually won’t be able to send any delegates because our constitution requires a too-lengthy nomination and election process. Oops! We’ll try again next year.


Sen. Wyden Breakfast Recap – Shannon went to this Monday morning with a bunch of AFT-OR folks (and other Oregon unionists?). They got to speak briefly about what their unions would like to see happening in Congress, and Wyden talked about the things he is doing already.


Meal Reimbursement Policy – Ashley drafted a policy based on last week’s discussion. EC approves!


ASOSU Prez Meeting Recap – A few officers had a meeting with Brett Deedon on the 14th to say hi and ask for ASOSU support around bargaining. They’re hoping to hire someone for the task force director position and would be willing to hear CGE input on it; Eric will follow up with Brett about it next week.


Barometer Letter Response – Ashley and Mindy wrote and submitted a fantastic letter to the editor, but unfortunately we’ve discovered that they aren’t publishing for the rest of the summer.


Institutional Board Response – We got an email back from Ed Ray to say (1) we were too late requesting Sean’s appointment (we hadn’t previously been informed of the timeline) and (2) he didn’t respond to our earlier letter with CGE’s opinions about the board because he was waiting until he “had enough information to provide a substantive response.” Bleh. ASOSU submitted a candidate for the student position “in accordance with the same timetable” that we hadn’t been informed of.


Welcome BBQ – Unfortunately, the Maple Grove shelter is unavailable for the Friday we’d prefer. We all agree to go with Thursday the 26th.


Organizer Training – We’ve scheduled it for September 5th starting at 6 PM here at Westmin. Béatrice is working on an agenda and materials; she and Ashley will have them ready for EC approval next week. All the reps will be invited to pretty please attend – officers should try to come as well. Food will be provided; Shannon will coordinate that.


Steward Appointment – Sara Codding has requested the Steward Council seat for Biochem/Biophys. The EC officially appoints her. The SC will be asked to confirm the appointment at the first meeting in fall term.


Grad Connections – Brenda (or Courtney?) asked if we have anything to include in the upcoming newsletter. Mindy will email her a blurb about the CGE Open House (the afternoon of October 4th) and the fall GMM. If we get a contract ready soon, we’ll ask to include info about that as well.


Fall Term Meetings – Reminder to please email Ashley your schedules so she can start compiling them.


CGE Swag – We should get some bumper stickers! (Ashley will price some size options.) We’re running pretty low on t-shirts (especially men’s) and should get an order placed soon if we’d like more. Decision: We’ll get a smaller reprinting of men’s sizes with the anticipation of a design competition in the winter. Ashley will also look into options for mug-mugs.


Executive Session


Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM

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