As we get ready for another quarter of teaching, research, and coursework, members of CGE are simultaneously prepping for the 2013 AFT – Oregon Convention. The convention takes place from April 12th through April 14th. This annual convention is important because it provides each AFT local the opportunity to direct the agenda and priorities of AFT-OR. The mechanism by which we as a local can direct AFT-OR is through proposing resolutions, which are discussed in committees and eventually voted on by AFT-OR delegates on the convention floor.

The range of topics addressed by committees includes legislative issues, collective bargaining, AFT-OR constitutional amendments, economic issues, human rights and community relations, and general resolutions. Fortunately, CGE is guaranteed a delegate in each committee, which enables us to give voice to the concerns and priorities of our members. The number of delegates we send is based upon our proportional representation within AFT-OR.

Members of CGE have been voluntarily meeting over Winter term to come up with resolutions that address member concerns and interests. You can review our proposed resolutions at this link here! Each resolution submitted is based solely on CGE members’ expressed interests brought up during our Winter General Membership Meeting (GMM) as well as our Steward Council meetings. The resolutions we submitted last year focused on improving the transparency and openness of AFT-OR’s governing body. Our resolutions lead to lively debate on the convention floor and a dramatic turn of events – with AFT-OR delegates eventually passing our transparency resolutions.

It is important to know that convention delegates from CGE are nominated and voted on by CGE members at our Winter GMM. CGE delegates represent a wide swath of OSU departments and are committed to serious deliberation of convention proposals and resolutions that will address our members’ diverse interests. While the convention is important for representing CGE member interests, this event also helps build the leadership and camaraderie of CGE for the future. Any member of CGE can be nominated, so don’t miss out on next year’s Winter GMM to get involved! Your voice and involvement in CGE is essential in creating a viable and truly democratic institution that effectively represents its members.



2012 AFT-OR Convention Delegates

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