It’s been a while since we’ve posted here.  But that doesn’t mean the wheels of bargaining have not been turning.  We had two sessions in the last couple of weeks.

The first was extremely frustrating.  We left feeling like the Administration’s team really had no plans to actually negotiate with us and were instead simply entertaining us with their presence.  They started that session by immediately caucusing for nearly half an hour (or about a quarter of the allotted bargaining time), and when they came back they stonewalled us at every turn, refusing even to agree to try to move some of the less contentious stuff off the table in the first few sessions to try to build some harmony between the teams on our way up to the bigger stuff.

The second session seemed to go better.  We presented a few proposals we figured would be very non-contentious (like the articles on Discipline and Discharge, the Grievance Procedure, and Consultation [17-19]) and the Administration engaged us in a bit of back-and-forth about each one.  We’re hoping that they will come back to the next session (which is TODAY at 1:00 in MU 206) with some counter-proposals on these articles, so we can discuss them and move them off the table.

We’re also going to try to address the Articles on Appointments and Work Assignments (9 & 10) today.  There have been numerous issues with Grad Employees not having the time to prepare for assistantships due to their not being appointed or assigned their duties a timely fashion, and we are trying to work some remedies to this situation into the new contract.

So, some to the bargaining session today.  Your support really is important to us, and it shows the Adminstration that we’re all interested in this contract.  The session will last from 1-4:00, but you can come for any amount of time, and you can bring work to do while you’re there.  Your simple presence is what’s important.

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