In attendance: Mindy Crandall, Sean McGregor, Jack Day, Lauren Atwell, Matt Loewen, Angela McClendon, Eben Pullman, Forrest Parker and Eric Coker (incoming officers)

Meeting called to order at 10:15 AM at Brew Station

Minutes from 5-1-2012 Meeting — Approved.

Previously Made Decisions — None this week.

Campaign Update

Budget: Strategic Retreat — Moving it to June means twice the expense in one fiscal year.  So we need to (1) decide where to take out money for it and (2) set a budget for it. Everyone is in agreement about using some funds that were designated for “carryover” and that $1,700 should be reasonable.

Budget: Convention — So far, we’re under budget!  Haven’t had a delegate debriefing yet and haven’t reimbursed drivers yet. We’ve thought of 6 drivers, will offer $75 each. Then we still have some funds left for a little bit of pizza, etc. We’ll try to meet soon!

Budget: Trivia Night — Ashley’s willing to do the planning.  We’ll spend a little ($90ish) on chips and cheap beer. 

Budget: EOYP — We’ve already paid for the park reservation.  The Social Events line has about $500 remaining for food and drink.

Great Cover-Up —  We’ve publicized on FB and the social list.  Leaving from CGE at 7 pm.

Officer Transition — Outgoing officers need to plan ASAP to meet with their incoming counterparts.

Review Strategic Plan — Will do this at the May 22nd EC meeting. 

Email / Mail Stuff — Bret got an unhappy response to our recent all-BU email regarding summer health insurance sign-up deadline. For stuff like that (just voluntary, informative), we should set up a “do not contact” list. We’re still required to notify all-BU about the Fair Share audit. It seems that we should be doing this by mail (not just email); we’ll need to determine whether we can mail just a brief summary with a URL for the full audit report (because mailing 400 or 500 booklets will get pretty pricy).

Labor Notes Conference — Mindy went!  Said it was “super interesting to get the big picture” of what other national/internationals are like, and their momentum toward member-driven reform.

Reimbursement — We need to reimburse Angela Baxter/ASOSU for the canopy we used at the Solidarity Fair.  Angela will ask Ashley to verify the amount, probably $175. This will come from the RA Campaign line.

Bargaining Update — Meeting tonight to plan for the next session (this Friday, May 11th).  B-Team is working on some  numbers for health insurance stuff to share with OSU. Hope to talk about family/medical leave policy and some (non)discrimination language.

Ed Ray Meeting—  Next Wednesday (May 16th) at 11 AM.  Jack, Wren, Mindy, Sean, maybe Matt will go.

LBL-CLC — Jack went on the 2nd.  They’re happy we’re participating and interested in being involved in CGE stuff.

ASOSU Elections  — They seem to have done a poor job counting votes.  We’ll ask them to recount.  Also the web interface was not great. Mindy will email a CGE member who serves as chair of the ASOSU Ethics and Oversight committee with the names of the EC as a petition to investigate the election inaccuracies and to suggest improvements to the voting system.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM

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