CGE Executive Council Meeting Minutes – May 31, 2012
In attendance: {Current Officers}Sean McGregor, Mindy Crandall, Matt Loewen, Wren Keturi, Jack
Day, Ashley Bromley; {Incoming Officers} Forrest Parker, Braden Elliott, Danny Ritter, Michelle Marie,
Sydney Householder; Rob Hess, limeade; Bret Seferian and Angela McClendon
Meeting called to order at 6:10 PM
Minutes from 5-24-2012 meeting – Approved
Email Decisions – Agreed to spend from bargaining expenses budget for food for the B-Team work
meeting on Memorial Day. Agreed to (directly) email Ray/McComb/Rudolph about trying to schedule a
meeting this term.
Campaign Update
Bargaining Update – Next session is in at 1 PM in MU 208 on Wednesday, June 6th, immediately
followed at 12 PM at Westmin on Thursday the 7th. (Then two more sessions the next week. We’re
serious about this!) Matt would really, really like to have a good audience at this next one.
Phone/Internet Stuff – Our current contract with CenturyLink expires at the end of June. We’ve been
pretty pleased with it, so we’ll renew the contract and take advantage of a $35 credit.
AGEL Conference Call – Michelle will call in on this. Wren will make sure she gets the info on what
number to call and what kinds of stuff to talk about.
New HR Director Hiring – CGE leadership has been invited to meet the candidates and ask questions in
the third week of June. We’ll try to get at least a few people at each of those meetings.
Bargaining Space Compensation – Since we’ve been using space at both Westminster House and the
Newman Center a lot this year, we’d like to make a donation to express our appreciation. This is really
very complicated; we’re going to move on for a while and come back to this discussion later.
ASOSU Grad Affairs Task Force Director – Wren will initiate contact with Amelia Harris and arrange
a conversation with her and Michelle about being involved in the upcoming hiring process for this
Strategic Retreat Agenda – Wren and Mindy have written it up; everyone likes it. Ashley and Braden
will start pressuring reps to come.
Meeting with Ed Ray – He responded to Mindy’s request to reschedule, saying he understands that
meetings don’t happen during bargaining. We feel that meeting during bargaining is okay – we just won’t
talk about stuff that’s on the table in bargaining. We’ll respond and ask to meet with a mutually agreedupon
Back to the compensation/donation question – We’ve finally reached an idea that most people like: a
gift of a potted plant with a big thank-you card from the B-Team.
Online Tax Payment – Approved
[Executive Session]
Meeting adjourned at, like, 7:45? 8?

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