After more than one year of fighting through the grievance and arbitration process over the $34 Summer Session Tuition Base Grievance, CGE has agreed to a settlement with OSU over the matter.

Under the terms of the negotiated settlement, OSU will reimburse all members of the CGE bargaining unit who were wrongfully charged the $34 Summer Session Tuition Base for the 2008 Summer Session.  Those employees who are still students at OSU will be reimbursed through a credit to your student accounts.  Employees who were wrongfully charged the $34 but who are no longer at OSU will also be reimbursed.  CGE currently has scheduled a meeting with OSU for July 29th to determine the mechanism by which former employees will be reimbursed.

We see this settlement as a victory for CGE.  As far as we know, this is the first time in CGE’s history in which a grievance has resulted in members being reimbursed for a fee they were wrongly charged.

Unfortunately, as many of you may have noticed, the $34 charge has not disappeared from your bills in the 2009 Summer Session.  CGE is aware of this and working on formulating an appopriate response in light of the settlement.

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