In an unexpected turn of events, OSU has repudiated the settlement they themselves had agreed to earlier in the summer over the $34 summer session tuition base grievance.  Their refusal to sign the agreement came after CGE filed a new grievance because grad employees were again forced to pay the summer session tuition base for the 2009 Summer Session.  Considering the fact that the settlement contained language specifically reserving CGE’s right to grieve over future violations related to the summer session tuition base, we see OSU’s repudiation as  retaliatory, and for this reason, we are considering filing an unfair labor practice against OSU.

In the meantime, we will proceed to take the 2008 grievance to arbitration.  A hearing on this case is currently scheduled for November 23.  We will also continue to push the 2009 grievance through the grievance procedure outlined in our contract.

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