At CGE’s General Membership Meeting on Oct. 26, members approved a constitutional amendment which created a new position on our Executive Council- VP of Social Justice!

The VP of Social Justice will chair our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (DIWG), and be a voting member on our Executive Council. The exact constitutional language concerning this position is pasted below.

Most exciting about this new officer position is that the first person who takes on the role will largely be able to shape and define what our VP of Social Justice will do and what projects it should be involved in. This means that the position comes with a fair amount of autonomy, so if you have an interest in social justice and ideas for how our union can improve on these matters then you are probably a perfect candidate for this position!

The Executive Council will appoint the first VP of Social Justice, and at our union’s GMM in Spring the position will be up for general elections along with all of our other Executive Council positions. If you want to volunteer for the role, please contact our President, Clint Mattox, at or our staff organizer, Alex Riccio, at

Also inquire for more information about what being on the Executive Council entails and what to expect in terms of hours per week and obligations in being on the Executive Council.

Amendment to our Constitution 

The CGE Constitution and Bylaws be amended by adding a new section 8 to Article V and renumbering the subsequent sections 9, & 10 of Article V that shall now read as follows:

Section 8. The Social Justice Chair shall be responsible for ensuring that CGE is aware of and working on issues dealing with diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice on the Oregon State University campuses and in our operation as a labor union. They will assist groups at CGE focusing on issues related to social justice and will be a contact for groups wishing to work with CGE on social justice matters.

Section 9. All Executive Council members are authorized to sign checks on behalf of the local.

Section 10. A quorum of the Executive Council shall be greater than 50% of the membership of the Executive Council.

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