Twice per year, AGEL (the Association of Graduate Employee Locals, a loose network of graduate employee union locals with the American Federation of Teachers) holds a conference for graduate employees.  This spring’s conference is fast approaching, and will be held just down the road in Eugene on June 4-7.

AGEL is a great opportunity to connect with other grads around the country who are doing union work.  There are a bunch of interesting topics on the docket for this conference: Working within AFT, principles of democratic unionism, health care reform & grads, bargaining in a budget crisis (hey, that one looks useful), the Employee Free Choice Act, dealing with threats to Academic Freedom, and more!

Most of the workshops will take place on Friday, June 5th, and Saturday, June 6th, with social events each evening.  If any CGE members are interested in attending the conference (it’s free and travel costs will be reimbursed), you can get a copy of the registration form here.  If you have questions, email CGE’s Bargaining VP, Rob Hess, at

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