Yesterday dozens of grad assistants gathered at Kerr Hall for the first step in this year’s bargaining process, delivering to the university’s representatives a formal notice of our intent to negotiate a new contract. Before delivering the notice, CGE Vice President for Collective Bargaining Joe Tyburczy (Zoology) addressed the assembled members to explain the importance of the task we are undertaking and how all of our combined efforts help to ensure success in reaching the bargaining goals set by the membership.

After Joe’s address we decided we would all go inside to deliver the notice. Our first stop was the Graduate School, and after that we went to a couple of Human Resources offices to deliver the notice to the Director of Human Resources. Finally, after our business was concluded, we retired to Bombs Away Cafe for fellowship and refreshment.

The fact that dozens of grad assistants cared enough to come help deliver this letter lets OSU know how important this contract is to us. However, this was just the first step in the process of bargaining the new contract. In order to be successful we will need to sustain and even build upon this effort by turning out grad assistants throughout the bargaining process. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Pictures from the event

Joe addresses members outside Kerr, 11/27/2007
VP Bargaining Joe Tyburczy addresses members outside Kerr Hall before the notice of intent is delivered

CGE Members deliver notice of intent to the grad school, 11/27/2007
Dozens of grad assistants crowd into the office of the graduate school to deliver our notice of intent to bargain a new contract to Sally Francis, Dean of the Graduate School at OSU

CGE Members leave the HR office after delivering our notice of intent, 11/27/2007
The horde of grad assistants pours out of the HR office after delivering our notice of intent to bargain to Jacque Rudolph, director of HR at OSU, and heads off to Bombs Away Cafe

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