CGE’s bargaining team brought back a proposal that almost exactly matches the $2.6 million investment OSU said they could manage in the next year of this contract.  This, unfortunately, meant that we’ve had to accept 0.3 as the minimum FTE for folks teaching their own classes. We continue to believe that quality instruction cannot be achieved in 12 hours/week.  However, it has become obvious that this was all the movement OSU was willing to make on this issue this year.  We hope to work closely with graduates teaching their own classes over the next year so we can continue to make the case for increasing this minimum FTE in the next contract cycle. For now, we’re pleased that many of you will see your FTE rise by 0.05-0.1 and begin to more closely approximate your real work hours.

Since we brought OSU a financial proposal they’ve already indicated they could afford, we’re very hopeful that they’re ready to accept the terms of this proposal and wrap up these negotiations.  OSU has a projected 8% increase in revenue in the next year, and we’re only asking for a 4.3% increase in graduate investment.  The math seems pretty simple to us.

Since we’re getting close to financial agreement, here’s a recap of what we’ve settled on and what we’re still working on.

Agreed Upon Contract Changes

  • Minimum salary  increases 3% in September 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Minimum FTE for instructors (not necessarily of record) increases to 0.3 for one section 0.49 for two
  • 90% of academic year fees
  • 90% of summer fees waived
  • Permanent Ecampus tuition waiver
  • 100% Ecampus fee waiver
  • 85% employer contribution to partner & dependent health insurance premiums

CGE Proposed Changes Pending Response from OSU

  • Every employee who makes satisfactory academic progress receives a 2% cost of living adjustment every year of reappointment
  • 90% employer contribution to employee health insurance premiums
  • Increased benefits, as per HIAC recommendations, including improved dental, lower deductible, and improved vision

On the non-financial side of the contract, we’re very pleased that OSU has agreed to designate 439 campus bathrooms as gender neutral. They’ve also agreed to contract language guaranteeing graduate employees reasonable access to gender neutral facilities and agreeing to include such facilities in all newly constructed and renovated buildings.  We also agreed to new parking language that gives graduate employees priority above all other students in purchasing parking passes.

We’re still waiting on agreement on a few other non-financial issues. Here’s where we stand on those:

  • Notice of appointment: CGE has proposed that all graduate employees are notified 30 days before the end of employment whether they can expect reappointment. Failure to notify an employee results in their benefits (health insurance, tuition & fee waiver) rolling over into the next term, even if an assistantship isn’t found.
  • Child care: CGE has seats on the committee tasked with creating new child care facilities on campus.
  • Health insurance administration: CGE wants a greater voice in the administration of our health insurance plans. We haven’t proposed language on this yet, but it’s slated for the 7/30 session.

We look forward to receiving proposed contract language from OSU next week.

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