4/2/19 EC Agenda

Vibes Watcher:
Attendance: Erin Abernathy, Clint Mattox, Lzz Johnk, Valerie Fraser, Nick Fisher, Alex Riccio, Micknai Arefaine

Meeting began:

Slack Approvals:

  • AME Call To Action & Survey 4/1/19
  • Newsletter #9 3/22/19
  • Approved up front costs for Radical Imagination, to be reimbursed by sponsors 3/20/19
  • Approved hiring of Kevin Van Meter as PT Operations Support and Co-organizer 3/18/19
  • Approved $80 purchase of computer for upstairs office 3/18/19
  • Approved rental of house for AFT-OR Convention. 7 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms at $2,130.70

Check-Ins: Tell us about your Spring Break. Restful? Long enough?  

PT Operations Support & Co-Organizer: Just to get on record, our new PT worker Kevin Van Meter will be officially starting on May 3 to join us for AFT-OR Convention. Kevin has been sent health insurance enrollment forms and that will kick in on May 1. Kevin has also been sent a copy of the CCGEE contract, which needs to be signed at some point before his start date.

Discussion about changing tasks approach to EC: We’ve been moving toward creating an inclusive and empowering EC culture, and along these lines Micknai would like to discuss a potential shift in how we divide up tasks according to roles within the EC. EC supported.

On the Horizon this Term: Lots of CGE things on the horizon for Spring, so here are the big ones just to give folks a sense of what’s in front of us:

  • Lunch w/ Grad School (April 3).
  • Board of Trustees Meeting (April 5).
  • Opening Space for the Radical Imagination (April 19-20).
  • Executive Council Elections (April 25).
  • Ratification of a Bargaining Platform (April 25; we’re probably going to need to schedule a second GMM at a later date for this).
  • AFT-OR Convention (May 3-5).
  • 9th Annual Brew Wars (May 11).
  • 8th Annual Solidarity Fair (June 9).
  • Summer Leadership Retreat (TBD).
  • Union Summer?