Facilitator: Emory
Vibes Watcher: Clint
Time Keeper: Kali

Attendance: Clint Mattox, Emory Colvin, Kali Doten, Hazel Daniels, Micknai Arefeine, Alex Riccio, Jess Keune, J

Meeting began: 6:05PM

  • Check-In/Ice-breaker: If you could see one movie again for the first time, what would it be and why?
  • Approvals
      • EC Meeting Minutes 4/9/18: approved
      • Spring GMM AME
      • FOIA request post-docs on campus: approved
      • Azadeh keys: approved
      • Use of Survey Monkey for elections: approved
  • Organizer/Business Manager Computers
    • Computer health – ways to prevent issues in the future (e.g. updates, etc)
    • Backup options – our current backup plan (Crashplan personal) is being phased out, so we need to talk about 1. What our backup goals are (Questions to ask ourselves:
      • what do we want to recover – specific files, all files, the entire computer
      • how do we want to recover it – specific files, versioning, restore entire computer (HDD replacement)
      • how easy do you want it to be to recover? – do you want to have to contact support or just start a program/plug in USB and tell it to do a thing; price plays a part here) and 2. What options are available for those goals.
      • Future – general upgrades to OS/hardware to avoid issues with performance/increase longevity of hardware past standard replacement deadlines
      • J is willing to help get these computers up to date, but can’t work for free. Let’s talk about 1. If we want this kind of help to begin with, 2. If a CGE member can do it, and if not 3. Do we want J (or someone of his skill level) to do this work? His hourly rate is $50/hr, including work and documentation. Early estimate is about 4-5 hours to do this work. So far J has spent 2.5 hours working to get the organizer’s computer operational (separate from the 4-5 hour estimate, he is not asking for compensation for this time as a favor).
      • Discuss topics on slack and make a decision at the next EC meeting.
  • Refund check errors: We are continuing to have issues with people depositing refund checks for the wrong amounts. Reconciliation is currently a nightmare. This cannot be fixed by our bank. What do we want to do with it to allow us to reconcile the books?
      • Note: the checks are off by less than a dollar; it isn’t a large amount.
      • Create “rounding errors” budget category
  • GMM Agenda: We need to finalize an agenda for the GMM on the 26th. Currently we have to kick-off elections (meaning we need to give nominated people an opportunity to speak for a minute or two and disseminate voter packets); bargaining update (opportunity to talk about petition and get signatures); caucus/committee signups (WOCC, Housing Initiative, Budget Committee, Constitution & Bylaws Committee, Working Parents Caucus, Pride/LGBTQIA+, what else?) House visit signups. What else needs to be on the agenda, bearing in mind that we need to end no later than 8pm.  
    • Food: We still have a lot of bread (frozen in the fridge) from the Rad Imag conference.
        • Sandwiches, Chips, Salads
        • Shopping: Alex
  • Voting: We need to get our online voting system in order (potentially choosing to pay survey monkey for the additional services) and a voter packet published at the beginning of the GMM. Alex is currently working on putting together the voter packet, who can work on the online ballots?
        • Use of Survey Monkey for elections – approved. Emory is setting up an account with Treasurer information. Cost is $35 for a monthly subscription; it will be canceled after the elections.
        • Only members can vote for their stewards in their own department.
        • What is our protocol for when someone is nominated as both an EC and Steward? Do we put them on both ballots, and if they win the EC they just become automatically disqualified for the SC?
          • A member can be on both ballots but must turn down one position if elected to both. – Approved decision.
        • The voter packet is just a list of candidates and their department. People are also allowed to write a 1-2 sentence blurb about themselves if they choose. This will be made available to all members for voting purposes.
        • If someone is nominated on the floor and isn’t present, they must confirm their nomination by the end of the GMM.
  • House Visits: We are planning to do a round of house visits for Weeks 5 and 6 (April 30-May 4; May 7-11). We will use the GMM as an opportunity to recruit people for house visits, and we all need to help recruit our Stewards. The likely plan is as follows: 2 days out of each week we will do house visits. One day we will do them in the morning from 9:30-12:00 and the other day we will go from 4:30-7:00. We should plan to buy a lunch and a dinner for these days. Each session will begin with a brief training at WestM, and we will pair people up to go out to the clusters of homes we identified prior to the shift. A reasonable goal for each pair is to hit 15 houses. Decisions to be made:
  • 1) who will participate from the EC
  • 2) Which days? Tuesday May 1st, Tuesday May 8th, Friday May 11th
  • The 9:30-12 shift:
  • The 4:30-7pm shift: Tuesday May1st – Clint,
  • 3) food budget & details
        • 2 lunches, 2 dinners
        • DeMaggio’s pizza? Cafe Yumm catering?
  • Letter to OSU about Janus:
  • Spring BBQ
      • Should we try to book a face painter?  – Yes, Clint will contact Beulah
      • Are we thinking about karaoke again? Music & Karaoke – Yes
  • Strategic Retreat
      • Continue with Beach House or alternative (maybe easier to access / less expensive)?
      • Postpone discussion until next meeting
  • AFT-OR Convention
      • There is a raffle for the Political Action Fund:
        • Donate Swag
      • There is a table decorating contest:
        • Should we consider a budget for decorating supplies if desired by participants? Up to $50 budget approved
      • We have a rough schedule for carpooling and for hotel room pairings. Once folks look it over and approve it we can send this out to our delegates.
  • Solidarity Fair: It’s time for the 7th Annual Solidarity Fair! For those who might not know, the fair is organized by a loose coalition (primarily the local Wobblies), and it’s intended as a celebration of May Day (International Workers Day). We take over Corvallis Central park for the entire day (usually from 12-5pm) and different groups bring tables and interactive stuff to do, and there’s music, political theater, children’s games, and lots of singing.
      • CGE has historically taken on the food preparation for the fair. We make a large communal meal that kicks off the celebration, and this year we are set to do it again. The fair is June 2, Corvallis Central Park, from 12-5 and setup will begin at 10am. The planning meetings are currently taking place at WestM on Sundays from 4-5. If anyone wants to attend they can. The organizers have also created a website for the fair to get groups registered and up to speed on what’s happening, it’s online at www.solidarityfair.com
      • Yumm Bowls
  • New MOP: Azadeh has officially started as our second MOP on April 16. We need to approve to give her a set of keys.
      • Approved
  • Office Visits & the use of Knack: I just want to express the need to continue to use Knack and to hear people’s thoughts on asking anyone doing office visits to use this. For this round of Office Visits, people are getting printed lists of office locations and membership status. They then are returning any notes they’ve made through office visits and Alex has been inputting them into Knack. This has been much more effective for data entry than asking people to solely use Knack- so likely we’ll need to figure out a better (or actually do) a training on Knack specifically for our Stewards in the future.
  • Public Records Request (FOIA):
    • Vote to approve request and cost of $200 – approved
  • Steward Council Meeting Recap
    • Decisions Made:
      • Alcohol (all forms) at BBQ
    • Future Decisions currently being considered:
        • Brew Off 2018
        • Steward Retreat Format / Location
  • Discussion: Fair Share Payer requesting religious exemption from paying Fair Share. With this exemption, the individual must choose a charitable cause to donate fair share dues to.
    • Alex will communicate with the individual, requesting additional information regarding the religious affiliation and its specific language regarding opting out of fair share union dues.

Meeting adjourned: 7:58pm

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