In our bargaining session today, OSU admin submitted an early draft on hourly work. Both parties recognize the importance of this topic, and CGE is most concerned about ensuring workplace protections and benefits for our graduate employees. We anticipate to respond to this rough draft within the next two bargaining sessions.

OSU admin also provided their first thoughts on two of our previously submitted articles pertaining to expanding DACA protections and CGE solidarity actions with other workers.

OSU has stated they have existing policies regarding DACA that would be duplicated if they agree to our proposal. Our question for OSU was ‘what would stop these policies from changing?’

OSU wanted to understand our intention with proposing changes to the existing CBA article regarding worker solidarity actions, and we clarified that CGE is not trying to plan for work stoppages. Part of our core mission as a union is supporting broader efforts for social and economic justice, and after discussing the matter at the bargaining table with OSU we believe our parties better understand our intentions with changing the CBA language to ensure we are not restricted from participating in larger struggles across the state and country for a better world.

We will continue to exchange language regarding these matters, and anticipate OSU will have a response to our proposals on health insurance and gender-neutral restrooms at our next bargaining session.


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