Our union continues to advocate for greater inclusivity at OSU! In our recent round of bargaining, we submitted to OSU a proposal to expand the number of gender-neutral restroom facilities on campus.


Specifically, we proposed every floor in each new building and every existing building have at least one gender-neutral facility and, where needed, multi-stall restrooms be converted into gender-neutral facilities to accomplish this goal.


OSU’s bargaining team also took the opportunity to read a statement they prepared signalling their intentions for bargaining.

They stated they would like to work on keeping tuition affordable, resolving policies surrounding hourly work, and costs attached to health care.


Our union emphasized our position on improving conditions for all workers, particularly in the areas of safety and inclusion, health and child care, international student support, and living wages.

CGE was informed by the university that they intend to have a response for us on our proposals concerning expanding protections for DACA recipients and providing solidarity to other workers during times of strikes and pickets by March 1st.


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