What Action Was Taken?
On October 28th, the CGE Executive Council circulated a letter (full text here) calling on the AFL-CIO to withdraw their support of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The letter was drafted by CGE stewards, debated among the Steward Council, and edited and approved by the Steward Council.


Why Did We Take Action?
The AFL-CIO is our parent union. When they issued a statement in support of the Dakota Access Pipeline they sought to speak on behalf of our membership. However, the Steward Council did not believe that this position reflected that of the members in their department. For this reason, the Steward Council chose to call on the AFL-CIO to withdraw their support.


What Resources Were Involved?
Money: $0.49 on a stamp
Time: ~4 hours of paid staff time devoted to helping edit the letter; time on the Steward Council Meeting agenda; volunteer time drafting and editing the letter


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