Congratulations to the following members who were elected to represent CGE at the 2016 AFT-Oregon Convention. More information on Convention can be found here.

Kris Osterloh, ranking delegate
Ally Stacey
Beatrice Moissinac
Brittany MacPherson
Chris Foertsch
Chris Mihiar
Clint Mattox
Daniel Farber
Dixie Daniels
Dwight Holland
Jessica Armstrong
Kalbi Zongo
Kevin Weitemier
Lisa (Lee) Windom
Matt Sloggy
Matteo Smullin
Melanie Nichol
Muhammad Salar Khan
Noor Al-Bader
Riki York
Roshan Adhikari
Sarah Light
Sean McGregor
Shannon Andrews
Spencer Leuenberger
Stephanie Parreira
Thomas Morrill
Thomas Stokely
Vance Almquist
Yue Ke
Zhian Kamvar
Mahmoud Sadollahi, 1st alternate
Zahra Iman, 2nd alternate

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